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Published On June 18, 2012 | By Alan Junior | Performance

It may be no surprise to close friends and aquaintence’s  that I flew down to Brisbane recently to be captivated by Lady Gaga’s latest creation: The Born This Way Ball. As an avid super-fan of hers, I’ll try to keep fact separate from opinion, but I’ll share both!

Arriving early was supposed to give you a chance to get into the “Monster Pit”: A reserved section of the standing arena flooring closest to the stage. From this area each night, Lady Gaga will also pick fans to go back stage with her. Probably for cups of ginger tea from her favourite china. I am sorry to report though, that there was much confusion and miscommunication between the organisers and the venue, leaving some of the fans who had waited since 8am in a teary mess.

The concert began with Lady Gaga riding out from an enormous castle on the stage, on a larger-than-life unicorn while singing Highway Unicorn: Road to love. Her most famous song, and the title of the tour Born This Way had Lady Gaga giving birth on stage, to none other than herself, before breaking into the first verse. The stage moved and changed during performances, the castle gates opened up, and the entire structure opened in half – much like a doll’s house, revealing some interesting interiors; one a type of butcher! Lady Gaga wore a dress of meat (thankfully this one was actually plastic!) while performing Americano and speaking of her desire to show government that we are not just meat – that we are humans with rights.

The Set

In fact, a lot of the show was a commentary on society and politics. Gaga shared with us stories of bullying she experienced in school, before performing Hair on a motorbike with a keyboard. The entertainer encouraged us as her little monsters to infiltrate government with messages of bravery, love, acceptance, and equality, speaking about how our generation will be the next ones in line for political positions some day. She accepted some gifts the audience threw to her – a “Brisbane Bad Kids” jacket she wore immediately, a bandana, and friendship bracelet. She even pulled a little girl up on stage for a dance after noticing she was wearing the same costume at Gaga’s first ever tour: The Fame Ball. My absolute favourite song was Bloody Mary. A conveyor belt took Gaga around the arena while performing this song, keeping her still like a mannequin, dressed in the latest headwear creation by Salvator Salamone and dress by Tex Saverio.

The Lady (photo by Terry Richardson)

The vocals were top-notch, set and prop design incredible, and costumes stunning and varied. I mean that for the audience too. The little monsters in attendance all came in the their ball-best including myself! See below :P


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