Incubator: ‘Tecto Meat’ Review

Published On August 31, 2012 | By Carly Sheil | Events

Artspaced Inc. have been grouping together scientists and artists in a series of intriguing geeky-creative collaboration projects called Incubator. The finished products are being presented as ‘one night only’, once a month, exhibitions. The most recent Incubator to hatch was the second collab of the series: Tecto Meat – shown on Saturday the 18th of August, just after dark at Movimiento! on Flinders Street. The concept was to compare the similarities between meat and geology, an idea ‘cooked up’ by PhD geology student Clement Fay. Being a lover of both science and gore, I had an absolutely wonderful night. The event had the overall atmosphere of a hidden cult-arty discovery hidden down a tiny alley (which was almost exactly the case if it were not a tiny staircase instead)!

Walking up the stairs at Movimiento!, the first thing visible at the top was an intriguing slideshow of fossils, pigs’ heads and other meaty-rocky combinations on a screen, superimposed photographs. These layered images by Raul Posse caused viewers to realise how difficult it is to discern the difference between an abattoir and a cliff face. The next thing of note was the delightful detail of the cloth the display was set up on – a meaty texture… or was it a geological texture? This was a common theme throughout the exhibition, that moment where you question what it is you are looking at, whether it is flesh or stone or bone. Far too often we overlook the everyday, assume that it is what it always has been and carry on rushing about as if life is a giant empty race, whereas Tecto Meat had everyone looking much deeper.

In the second room, similarly themed images were being projected onto screens near a lightbox that was displaying mosaics of hundreds of small geo-meaty images. The lightbox was draped and surrounded with a tecto-meaty cloth, a cohesive element from the previous room. Standing here, with a meaty lightbox of photographic mosaics in the centre and a slideshow of geo-flesh in front, the full immersion was realised by the rhythmic sound of meat on a chopping block artfully combined with a rock splitter. Although the idea would have sounded terrible to most people on paper, paper to sound designer Dylan Howells pulled them together into a surprisingly excellent combination. Flesh separation and stone demolition combined into music.

The next Incubator event is to be held at Movimiento!, on Saturday September 15th – keep tuned on the Artspaced Inc Facebook page for more details closer to the date!

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