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Published On September 29, 2012 | By Jeanette Hutchinson | Interviews


Burn in Hell is a Melbourne outfit comprised most of the time of Gary Hallenan, Glenn Burns, Evan Richards and a series of revolving guest such as Dimi Dero (lives Paris, France). The band is consistently described as anything and everything from fairground, to cabaret, to blues combined. The  2010 album Spiderfightcatwaterhate was well received and  the band are also praised for their live shows. Burn in Hell  have just returned from a no holds barred tour of Europe. When we asked founding member Glen Burns about how their  line up for the tour came about, the answer was  “not quite sure – somewhere between a total freaking accident and Intelligent Design…” an explanation that says a lot more about the band than you’d expect in so few words. We also  asked Glen – the Artgaze Fast Five Questions –  to get a bit of insight on the tour experience. Check them out.   image from left to right Evan Richards, Gary Hallenan and Glen Burns.

Interview : Jeanette Hutchinson 2012


Artgaze Fast Five Questions Burn in Hell:

1. Any special moment that will “define” the tour so far in the stories you tell about it later?

Having a shit  in the same location as a mummified nun in an old  Bretagne convent in in the north-west of France, an act of  revenge for my friend who had been tortured there as a child

2. What was your favourite ‘hair of the dog’  breakfast on tour?

Oysters, oysters and more oysters.

3.  Your music and stage presence has been described by others as influenced by chaotic Weimar cabaret, sounding like old-fashioned fairground music and bluesy-folk/rock/punk. How you would describe it and define it across genres?

Sorry  it’s impossible to answer that question. We don’t really think about it, it’s just what happens when we get together… make of it what you will

4. Have you caught any acts or places, people on this tour that have inspired you artistically?

Yes, too many to mention, the melting pot is huge abroad but definitely Tulla Larsen who we shared the stage with quite a few times.

(Eds note: A European outfit with similar musical sensibilities – see

5. Did you ever expect the band to travel abroad and have this kind of success?

No, we just wanted a banana …

interview: Jeanette Hutchinson.

If you’re interested in more check out the music video for Grave News From Underground off their album Spiderfightcatwaterhate which was  produced and directed by  Irina Goundortseva



You can find out more about Burn in Hell from their website or their Facebook.

Their album Spiderfightcatwaterhate is available at CD Baby.

We highly recommend a look at their amazing “History” page.

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