Savouring Art Slowly

Published On April 26, 2013 | By Amy Bishop | Events

Slow Art Day LogoEveryone talks about how we’re living in a fast paced world now, and the art community is no exception. The internet with its microblogs, digital repositories, immersive galleries, apps on smart phones and even the Google Art Project results in a lot of art at our fingertips with still only the same limited amount of time to appreciate it. It certainly becomes easy to gloss through a large quantity of art quickly, but with compromised focus on individual pieces.

That’s not to say that our current approach is a negative, but sometimes it pays to revisit the classics and appreciate art slowly and with singular focus. That’s where Slow Art Day comes in – it’s the ‘stop and smell the roses’ approach to the art gallery and this year it falls on Saturday April 27.

The aim is that one day each year, people in all different parts of the world meet up in local galleries – organised by a host – and view five pre-selected works for at least five to ten minutes each and afterwards discuss the works. Sometimes the works are viewed for a lot longer, and sometimes they’re discussed after each individual piece.

Like Slow Food Days, it may help you to re-think your art consumption habits for a day, savour art more thoughtfully and then share your impressions, as a community.

Slow Art Day is an annual event and in 2013 falls on April 27. To find out more or see a list of the venues hosting events, visit their website, Facebook, or tumblr.

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