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“If you want special illumination, look upon a human face; see deeply, within laughter, the essence of ultimate truth…” Rumi.

Full Throttle Theatre Company  presents MULLAH NASRUDIN created and performed by Dr Niz Jabour, for World Refugee Day and the Celebrate Townsville Festival June 14 – 23

Niz Jabour is an Iraqi born artist who has recently graduated with a Doctorate of Creative Arts (DCA) . His work encompasses memory, history and performance. Jabour is also a playwright, director, performer and  film maker.  To celebrate World Refugee Day, Jabour has created Mullah Nasrudin based on a mystical character through whom he takes the audience on a journeyof oral narrative, memory and traditional storytelling. Mullah Nasrudin represents the universality of a true story in  the  Sufi tradition.

Mullah Nasrudin tales have been passed down for many centuries. It is thought that the Mullah Nasrudin character is based on a real man who lived in the 1300s. However, many countries claim to be the origin of the actual Mullah Nasrudin character and his tales, and it remains uncertain where the man lived and the stories started. But whatever the origins of Mullah Nasrudin are, pinpointing them has become a trivial point. As generations went by, new stories were added, others were modified, and the character and his tales spread to broader regions. The types of themes and wisdom in his tales have become legendary products of a variety of people’s observations and imaginations.

Although most of  stories depict Nasrudin in an early small village setting, the tales deal with concepts that have relevance universally. Today, Mullah Nasrudin stories are told in a wide variety of regions, and have been translated into many languages.  In many regions, Mullah Nasrudin is a major part of the culture, and is quoted or alluded to frequently in daily life. Since there are thousands of different Nasrudin stories, one can be found to fit almost any occasion.

“It is said, there are as many interpretations of stories as stars in the sky. This show is about sharing my refugee journey through a mix of poetry, songs and Mullah Nasrudin legendary stories, I want people to laugh and smile at what can otherwise be a sensitive and confronting subject.” Niz Jabour

Niz Jabour in Mullah Nasrudian

Niz Jabour can be contacted for further information on

Mobile: 0401005417


When: Thursday 20th June

Where: The Old Courthouse Theatre cnr Sturt and Stokes street

Tickets: $20 on the door

Show Time: 6:30pm

CONTACT: Madonna Davies Mobile: 0418 747 096 Email:

Ph: 07 4721 5433

Mobile: 0418 747 096



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