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Full  Throttle Theatre Announces New Artistic Director

President Madonna Davies, on behalf of the Management Committee of Full Throttle Theatre Company, is proud to announce  the new Artistic Director  is Dr. Niz Jabour.

‘We’ve celebrated our 27th year as the longest running professional theatre company in regional Australia. Over the last 3 years we’ve done a lot of hard work establishing the Old Courthouse Theatre as an inner city arts hub where artists from all genres can perform and be supported and Dr Jabour is keen to keep this going.’  explains Full Throttle Theatre President Madonna Davies.

Like the company founder Jean-Pierre Voos, Dr Jabour has vast experience in international and contemporary theatre and performance practice and has already secured the company a season of Mullah Nasrudin, with La Boite Theatre in Brisbane in March 2014, as part of their highly competitive Indie program.

Under this new direction Full Throttle Theatre Company will focus on international and national  artistic collaborations.

In October from the 10th to the 13th the company will present a major project, GET INTO IRAQ – four days of international/ intercultural arts and performance, a  project that seeks to unify the position of creative and artistic communities around the world. Townsville will have the opportunity to hear music from the Oud and the Tar and see the work of award winning Iraqi Visual Artist, Muayad Muhsin.

Artists from Iraq, Syria and Iran will mix with local artists, actors and musicians. Saturday night will see the rehearsed reading of an original interpretation of the Sumerian poem GILGAMESH, thought to be the oldest poem ever written and local musicians will have a chance to attend THE SIX STRINGS workshop on the Saturday morning and perform with the guest artists on Sunday as part of the VERANDAH JAM.

The project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports sustainable cultural development in regional, rural and remote Australia to give artists and communities better access to opportunities to practice and experience the arts.

Thursday 10 October 7:00 pm. Open digital Exhibition by international visual artist and lecturer at Baghdad University, Iraq. Mr. Muayad Muhsin. His work speaks for itself with his views to the current political and social landscape. The exhibition will continue until Sunday the 13th of Oct 2013. (Free and welcome every one)

Friday 11 Oct, 7:00 pm, an evening for music featuring international artist and one of the best Oud players in Australia Mr. Adnaan Baraky (Syria) and Mr. Barbod Valadi (Iran) playing the Tar. Local musicians and bands Drumbaba and Hallelujah Baby will also be playing.

Tickets $20 at the door or for booking online:

Saturday 12 Oct 10am – 12pm Open Oud Workshop – THE 6 STRINGS. Local musicians of any genre encouraged to join the workshop and play on Sunday morning at the VERANDAH JAM Cost $10

Saturday 12 Oct 7:00 pm, there will be two presentation, showing a documentary film about Iraq history and memory and theatrical presentation of the Sumerian tale “The Epic of Gilgamesh”.

Sunday 13 Of Oct, from 11:00 in the morning til late afternoon, there will be live music and arts with all artists involved in the project. Free for public to join us and have fun.

We wish to thanks and acknowledge the support both in-kind and financial from the Townsville City Council.

Tickets $20 at the door or for booking online:

For further inquiries please contact Madonna Davies on: 0418 747 096


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