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The glamorous Al Boulton Band is a seven piece ensemble that formed in early 2013 in Townsville. The bands current line-up is Al Boulton – Lead vocals, bass & guitar, Lutalo Kyingi- Keyboards, Richard Juszczyk- Drums, Brendon Layman- Guitar, Madonna Davies- Backing/Lead vocals, Sarah Eaglesham- Backing vocals, and Debbie Naude- Backing vocals.

The band plays disco/funk songs arranged and written by Boulton who has been inspired by funky bass players everywhere. The band also covers dance/disco/funk songs deemed too irresistible not to play. The current line-up is going from strength to strength, with dedicated fans turning up to fill the dance floor the moment the band starts its funk up. Showmanship is a big part of the live performance with some serious musicianship in the background maintaining a spell over the audience throughout the show.

Boulton released his debut CD, ‘Bang Bang Macau’ in 2011 and is currently working on a second. The debut music video, ‘Party at the Disco’ was released in 2013, to let listeners know that disco funk is well and truly alive.

Al Boulton gives us an update on the band in this glittery little interview>>>

Dub Disco and the like is often associated with re-edits of original-era disco music, as well as with dance music inspired by disco, electro and other genres popular in the late ?70s and early ?80s. Sometimes the genre is described as “everything that springs from the late 1970s and early 1980s” (electronic) disco, boogie, cosmic, and Italo disco continuum, with walking bass lines and funk rhythms reminiscent of the style.

Mr Al Can you tell us more about this type of music and performance in relation to your own particular tastes and experiences? How does your sound fit within the aforementioned disco flavoured genres?

Bass is at the forefront of disco music, this appeals to me as a bass player, as bass is usually in the background in other styles of music. My style of disco is 70’s, before electro. I noticed all these songs getting remixed for the nightclubs in the 90’s; I wanted to write songs worthy of remixing. Our set is not all straight disco; I would call some of it acid jazz or funk.

Why disco? Is it the glamour and dandy costumes like your charming sea captains uniform? Or do you just have an uncontrollable nostalgia for romantic boogie nights? How and when did this fabulous journey begin?

I had a reading from an astrologer, she said that I should be playing music, and I was attracted to the glamour side of performing. Disco allows me to explore the fabulous, theatrical side of being a musician. Having the three Boulton Babes in the band really adds a stylish element, alongside great musicianship from the band. The funk journey began when I found some disco albums at a Salvation Army shop in 1994. KC and the Sunshine Band, Temptations ‘Happy People’ and this one LP called Latin Disco. These old vinyl records gave me a window to another world in my mind, much more appealing than contemporary commercial radio. I wanted to live in that world of fun, dancing and parties. Jump ahead a few disco light years and I realised I can live in that world and you can come with me!

How did you all get together, and why are the current band members amazing?

I have no idea how this band formed, but I am grateful to be surrounded by talented supportive professionals. They are amazing because they can see, hear and play the exact image I have in my mind for the songs I write.

You live in sunny Nth Queensland. The tropics seem the perfect fit for retro glam disco and a mimosa cocktail but have you thought of taking a grand tour elsewhere?

I think there is a big ready-made audience for this band in the Acid Jazz scene of the UK, and elsewhere. We have no problem winning over crowds here in Australia where ever we are (currently wowing audiences at the Blues Fest in Bryon Bay as this article goes out) it’s very different to what mainstream audiences listen to so it takes time to convert them to disco funk.

What is the most fun part of what you do ?

Performing my original material to a crowd, that loves and dances to it all night long. To quote the ‘Godfather of Soul’  James Brown, ‘The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing’.

How much are you looking forward to performing at the Diva Gala at the old courthouse May 17th here in Townsville?

A lot, we are creating a unique set for the night!

DIVA Gala Fundraiser May 17th includes French-inspired 3 course menu by the award winning Michel’s Restaurant catering team designed specifically to capture the flavour and emotion of theatre. Enjoy the soulful glamour of disco funk ensemble Al Boulton and fabulous divas. Chill later in the night with a coffee & brandy or cocktail from the bar, and enjoy cult feature film DIVA, or lounge outside and listen to retro vinyl and chat.
Dress: Formal Diva, Dandy or Gentleman attire.

* Date: Saturday 17 May 2014
* Time: 6pm for a 6.30pm start bar open until 12.00 midnight
* Where: The Old Courthouse Theatre, <https://goo.gl/maps/K1IYE>
Corner of Sturt and Stokes St, Townsville CBD. <https://goo.gl/maps/K1IYE>

Cost: $70 per Person. Group discount for tables of 8.
More details on this event: www.artgazemagazine.com / www.fullthrottletheatre.com
Book online via  www.trybooking.com/EMSI or contact
madonna@fullthrottletheatre.com <http://fullthrottletheatre.com> (07) 4721 5433 or Jen on 0416 980 323

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