Luxlumin Projection Festival a Townsville First

Published On October 24, 2014 | By Artgaze | Events, Festivals

By Rachel Lang           

Luxlumin projection festival lit up Townsville’s business district in September, providing local artists with a fresh, new opportunity to showcase their talents.

The outdoor projection exhibition, a first for Townsville, bathed walls, buildings, bridges and even trees with images, colours and light in order to expose the public to digital art.

19 artists from around the globe displayed their work at the citywide exhibition, with some artists coming from as far as Colombia to participate.

The event coordinator, Michelle Fay, said that one of the goals of Luxlumin was to bring art out into the community.

“It is to make art apart of everyday life, instead of just having art inside of galleries all the time,” Fay said.

“To bring art out into the public so that people see the art, even if they don’t go looking for it.”

Projection festivals have become popular in Australia’s capital cities in recent years, with Melbourne’s White Night and Sydney’s Vivid festival attracting over one million people to experience arts and culture within their own urban jungle.

Yandell Walton, projection installation artist and co-curator of Melbourne’s annual Gertrude Street Projection Festival, said that exhibitions like Luxlumin are all about sharing artwork while making the community think.

“I think these festivals are bringing contemporary art, design and interesting ideas to the public.

“To everyone: to kids, people with creative backgrounds, to the general public, to people who don’t even realize they are seeing art. I think that is really important.”

While the festival was a lot of fun for the community, Luxlumin also provided local artists the opportunity to work with interstate and international artists.

“The aim is to showcase local artists works and then bring artists from outside of town as well so that we get a nice mix,” Fay said.

“There was lots of skill development that went on.

“There was one workshop, about a month and a half ago, with Blake Hudson from Cairns. He did a digital mapping workshop with 12 local artists who didn’t have that skill before.”

On the weekend prior to the event, Blindoff, a French projection artist who has travelled the world with his craft, ran a large mapping workshop for local artists.

“The idea was to get established and emerging artists together so they could share skills,” Fay said.

Luxlumin ran from the 26th and 27th of September. For more information about the event and the projection artists, visit the Umbrella Studio blog for more details.


[photographic image] Lauren Dunn 2014

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