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Published On November 23, 2015 | By Artgaze | Artgaze

Hi, Townsville  art and culture lovers, and film review readers elsewhere, ever wanted to know what it was like to make twenty five films before you were twenty-five? Or to direct cult icons from a genre television giant as you make your way in the world of cinema? Our Dec 4th screening includes a live Q&A skype with Dr Mabuse Director Ansell Faraj Himself. Please share and forward on the info about our wonderful Mabuse film event, as its Artgaze film Clubs last film for the year. If  you want to see Independent cult and classic films and special film events  in 2016 it’s really important to support us. As a volunteer run organisation we need your support!  More info on our upcoming Mabuse screenings here https://www.facebook.com/events/446788805520647

We’ve been screening & writing about unique films since 2012 in Townsville: screening cult films, classics and the occasional art documentary to reflect our online magazine. Each film is presented by hosts Jeanette Hutchinson and Todd Barty. Hutchinson is the Artgaze Lab Inc event and  film curator, and Todd Barty is a director and actor with Full Throttle Theatre company, as well as reviewer and film writer for artgazemagazine.com http://artgazemagazine.com/2015/08/12/ansel-faraj-genius-of-independent-film/

Our International and national guest speakers have included Australian and  local  film actors and icons. We are part of  non-profit Artgaze Lab Inc. incubating interesting art events, including film, art and fashion. We have partnered with Full Throttle theatre company for our Artgaze Film Club monthly cult and classic screenings, and Perc Tucker Gallery and the Townsville City council to present unique film screenings free to the public.

Email us artgaze@gmail.com find us on FB https://www.facebook.com/artgaze. Thank you for your support, its greatly appreciated!


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