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‘Blokes You can Trust’  are Townsville’s ‘Cosmic Pyschos Tribute Band’ formed for a one off tribute night at the Old Courthouse in Townsville. The hard rockin, energetic outfit comprised of local Townsville lads, and formed by our favourite drummer, Artgaze committee member (Dylan Howells, Crossroads) will be playing the Cosmic Psychos back catalogue as well as songs from well known bands such as ‘Nirvana’ that claimed the Psychos as a major influence. For more details on a great night of BBQ, friends, documentary lovers, beer and fans go to our events page link and join.  Cosmic Psychos Tribute Event Page Entry is Artgaze Film Club membership $15 for 3 months or annual for $35.00 (March till November). Annual Membership cut off is the end of March, so check out the page and support us to bring unique cult films, art documenatries, short film screenings, and collectors/ vinyl nights to Townsville.

Artgaze would like to thank and congratulate the lads for their generosity  in volunteering their services to enhance our first cult film event for the year. They all love their beer, food, music and cult films, not neccessarily in that order.

The other band members are Matt Kertland (Red Cat, Three Stooges) and Ryan Lower(Red Cat)

Band Members happily answered our Fast Five Furious Interview Questions below.

Fast Five with Matt Kertland (Bass):  I play bass guitar in ‘Red Cat’ and guitar in ‘The Three Stooges’. Red Cat just played a gig at The Commonwealth Hotel with ‘Canopy Fires’, had a great night. The only upcoming gig I have at the moment is the ‘Blokes You Can Trust’, ‘Cosmic Psychos’ tribute band night at the old courthouse. Very much, looking forward to it.

Q1) What is your favourite Cosmic Psychos song of choice and why? Fuckwit City. I like their new stuff better than their old stuff.

Q2) What was the first guitar you ever owned? It was a ‘Fame’ guitar, a cheap unknown acoustic with a sound hole pickup. The guitar’s gone but I still have the pickup.

Q3) Name your choice brand of guitar if you could choose any make. An American Vintage ’52 Telecaster, maple fingerboard, Butterscotch Blonde.

Q4) Have you ever tried playing a different instrument? If yes, how good were you at it? I’m always playing different instruments, lately I’ve been having a go on the Violin but it’s proving to be more difficult than anything else I’ve tried.

Q5) How would you describe your perfect musical day? I think I’m happiest when I’m just jammin’ with friends. Gigs are fun but there’s nothing quite like sitting around a friends place, having a few beers and playing music.

Fast Five with Ryan Lower (lead guitar):  Lower is a guy from the mountains (Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland). He is the Film & Production Coordinator at La Luna Youth Arts in Townsville and plays in a band called Red Cat.

Q1) Who were your main early influences? Nirvana, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr, At the Drive In (in that order – ha!)

Q2) What advice would you give to other aspiring guitarists out there?  Don’t try to sound like someone else. Concentrate on your own sound.

Q3) What other art forms are you working on as the New Year starts up? Just work related stuff (La Luna Youth Arts). Kids plays, posters, website, teaching film making and guitar lessons.

Q4) “What is your cosmic Psychos song of choice and why?  Probably ‘Go the Hack’ because it has an extended guitar solo/noise/feedback section at the end that is really fun to go wild and improvise on.

Q5) Is there something you would like to do more of in the future? I’ve seen gigs where visual artists paint a representation of what they are hearing onstage. I’d like to do it the other way around; where the musician/band plays music to accompany the visual artist’s work. I really love improvised music/art – it could be exquisite – it could be horrendous. There’s not much of a market for it here in Townsville. But it would be really fun to do.

Fast Five with Dylan Howells (drummer): I’m 48 years old, born in Melbourne, have 2 sons, and work as youth worker and sign writer when not gigging.

Q1) What led you to study drums?  I was always a tapper and often listened closely to the drums in songs. I used to tap on saucepans and boxes and any hard surface, with my mum on guitar. I had an opportunity to play on a real kit at a sound check when I played bass in my first band. I dropped bass after that gig and took up the drums.

Q2) What was the first important concert that you attended? Elton John, early 70’s with my parents. Purple mist came out of his piano – cool!

 Q3) What bands are you currently working in. Currently drumming in Crossroads, Goodo and the Sexies plus fill in for other bands – Mystery Blue Dress, Los Diablos, Fools Gold and Blokes you can trust.

Q4)  How excited and why were you so excited to be doing a Cosmic tribute night? Mega – ultra excited as I have seen the Cosmic Psycho’s many times in the early 90’s. These were the first shows I ever went to with stage diving/crowd surfing. I still have trouble sleeping on right shoulder due to stage diving mishap at a Cosmic’s gig!

Q5 Who are your 5 favourite drummers past and present.  1. John Bonham.  2. John Stanier -Helmet. 3. Phil (Philthy) Taylor –Motorhead 4. Dave Grohl. 5. Danny Carey (Tool). 

Thank you lads, for your insights, advice and reminiscences, and dear readers don’t forget to check our events page for the details Cosmic Psychos Tribute Event Page

Interviewer: Jeanette Hutchinson

featured image: photographer Paul Freeman.












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