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The fabulous Cassy Fry has a new book of poetry available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Photo 12-06-2016Cassy Fry is a writer, poet, blogger, arts reviewer and speaker based in the south of England, who has worked in the arts and creative sector for over ten years. She loves dancing like a wild woman, wearing red lipstick and cuddling cats. She believes in the power of creativity (and your favourite pop song).


Cassy’s new book ‘This isn’t Romance’ is  is a collection of poetry about falling in love with someone you can’t be with, becoming infatuated with someone who doesn’t feel the same as you and all the misunderstandings and heartbreak of ill-fated or mismatched romance.
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I asked the cat loving poet herself, to tell me a bit about how the collection came about and why this crowd fund is so important to her;


‘This is my first collection of written poetry, I have already published two visual poetry books ’50 Shaded Poems’ (blackout poetry made from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’) and ‘I Forgot’ (a poem made from various handwritten digital notes late at night). 
Photo 09-06-2016‘this isn’t romance’ wasn’t a project I planned, more of a project that happened to me. I was actually working on a memoir but was struggling writing about my own life so explicitly. At the same time, I met a man that inspired me and found I started to write more and more poetry. We had a strange kind of almost-romance, my heart got broken and it made me deal with lots of repressed romantic traumas from my past. I wrote it all out and it became a book. It starts with seduction, moves into sadness, then heartbreak, and ends with healing. 


My writing career is still relatively new, and at the moment I am doing everything myself, taking a bit of an indie approach. So I have designed the book and am now crowdfunding to get as many copies printed and out there as I can.’ ~ Cassy Fry.
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Visit Cassy’s website to discover more of  her work and quirky, adorable personality.
To listen to some of Cassy’s older poetry from previous books, check out her Soundcloud!
And don’t forget to help her fund her book if you can, by visiting her Indiegogo page.


Sami Lou ~ EIC


Best wishes to Cassy in her publishing & writing career, from the Artgaze team! <3

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