Townsville Speculative Fiction Writers: Typhon Expanse. By Michelle Mullins

Published On September 14, 2016 | By Samantha Mant | Artgaze, Books, Projects, short stories

Speculative fiction is typically considered to be alternative histories or science-fiction works, but also includes other genres. Writers focusing on everything from horror to fantasy to science-fiction are included in the ten to twelve regular members that attend the fortnightly meetings of the Townsville Speculative Fiction Group. Meeting at the Riverway Art Centre members share their current projects, ask for advice and practice writing.

Shortly after forming it was agreed to work on a collaborative work, an anthology of short stories sharing a central theme. With so many different writing styles in the mix it was a non-trivial task to decide on what that shared theme was, but after a few weeks of wrangling a consensus was reached.

The anthology includes stories all in a shared universe created by member Terry Mullins called the Typhon Expanse. The Typhon Expanse is a universe shaped by worldwide terrorist attacks in the near future, with devastating attacks ranging from chemical strikes to nuclear bombs, and the resulting global response that dissolved the United Nations, and formed the Terran Union. This new polity grew into a multi-system oppressive regime with ever expanding borders. They finally meet tough opposition in the star cluster of the Typhon Expanse, an area of ancient technology, mysterious events and resource rich planets. This opposition, the Out-world Coalition, includes the remains of a saurian alien species called the Moshi, recently conquered by the Terran Union, a highly advanced ambi-sexual species of highly predatory aliens and the Sword Kingdom,  homoniods and refugees from the Terran Union. as well as other alien species.

Taking inspiration from many forms of space opera fiction, such as David Weber, Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Andre Norton and E. E. Doc Smith, Terry Mullins originally created the Typhon Expanse for a story written for his Master’s Degree, an idea that originated from,” a lifelong interest in space opera and similar stories”. The Ghosts of Wraith is this story

(though it is still unfinished the first chapter is available on the site, focusing on a “story of exploration and also clashes of empires.”

After all the work and time put into the project the anthology was self-published on Feb. 20, 2016 including ten stories and is currently available on under the name the Typhon Expanse. You can also find out more about the authors in the Townsville Speculative Fiction Writers Group at

Author Bio: ‘My name is Michelle Mullins, and I am a fantasy writer, who occasionally slips into science fiction and horror writing. Born in Townsville in 1991, I have been an avid reader and writer for nearly as long as I can remember (I started to read Robert Jordans’s wheel of time at eight, finished at 23). Apart from writing I enjoy cats, anime, computer games and collecting more piercings.’


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