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Published On September 20, 2016 | By Samantha Mant | Artgaze

Cover Image of Kate’s book ‘Deliverance’.

Horror survival tip number one: hide in dark places.


Horror survival tip two: don’t be stupid.


Horror survival tip number three: don’t answer the phone if you can.


Horror survival tip number four: stay fit.


Horror survival tip number five: learn to climb fences.


There is nothing better to ask a horror writer than how do you survive a horror story? All those crumbling haunted houses, dark mysterious alleyways, the terrifying forests, and things that go bump in the night live inside their head. When a stranger calls or that suspenseful soundtrack starts playing, the words of a wise horror writer could make or break your survival rate.


Luckily, local Townsville horror writer, Kate Grenenger’s survival tips are quite easy. With a recent spike in her online readership, Kate’s stories are fast becoming the objects of horror lovers’ nightmares. Perhaps Kate’s five handy horror survival tips should be taken to heart.


Kate’s writing journey began in Year 10. After the passing of her father, Kate gained an interest in life and death. Writing horror became a way to relieve the stress of high school and, with the encouragement of one of her teachers, it stuck.

Kate Grenenger


Two years out of high school and Kate has recently surpassed 1 000 followers on Twitter and with a little motivation from her local writers’ group, has found herself an army of readers on the publishing site, Inkshares. The website allows writers to establish a readership, sell pre-orders and eventually publish their novels. Discovering the platform on the inside cover of a novel, Kate decided to test it out. “I thought, ‘no one’s going to read my stuff, it’s horrible.’ Then I had this idea for a novel and thought ‘let’s try it out.’ Three months later I can’t even sleep at night because it’s constant dinging.”


Kate’s ever-growing readership eagerly await the next instalment of her novel, Deliverance. With a mix of gothic dread and dark fantasy, Deliverance follows the story of a teenage rebel, Claire Collins, as she journeys to find freedom beyond a restricted Christian life. Claire soon finds that the world she knew was not the world she was destined to be in – discovering ‘Salvation’, a small town of misfits. Caught up in a war against tribes and a fight for freedom Claire realises that her life is only just beginning.


Chapter by chapter, Kate uploads Deliverance onto Inkshares, but her readers can’t get enough. “They like yell at me every night, like ‘where is my chapter?’ and I’m like ‘it’s not happening, I haven’t started. Stop it’” Kate says, “It’s like living a real horror. Like Walking Dead, they’re all hanging on the fence.” Yet Kate wouldn’t trade her readership for anything. Looking forward, she plans to stick out the publication of Deliverance with Inkshares, seeing the site as more author based than other publishing methods and the home of her growing fan base. With plans to attend the New York Film Academy to study production, she would love to one day produce the film version of her novel.

As Kate turns fears to reality in the minds of her readers, remember: hide in dark places, don’t be stupid, don’t answer the phone, stay fit, and learn to climb fences. You never know when the advice of a horror writer like Kate Grenenger might save you.

The first three chapters of Kate’s novel, Deliverance are available on her Inkshares account,

What the Dark Knows, Kate’s collaboration with fellow local horror writer, Michael Huddlestone, is also available for pre-order on Inkshares.

She can also be found on:

Twitter: @KGreneger

Facebook: Kate Grenenger

Her website:


Editors Note: In the relaunch issue of Artgaze Magazine #17 ‘Rebirth’, we published one of Kate’s short stories, titled ‘Carousels of Charset’. Its free to download, so check it out!  



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