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14585468_1287074744657965_1751258762_n-pngMackay’s local theatre group ‘KUCOM Theatre’ delved deep into the heart of holocaust history with a theatrical version of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank.’ From the 28th of September to the 1st of October the cast bought to life the words in which Anne Frank wrote in her diary in the Paxton Warehouse by the river.

Directors Jim Kelly and Daniel O’Neil were able to orchestrate a captivating yet haunting portrayal of life through the eyes of Anne Frank- played by Shae Robinson- during the second world war.

Robinson who played the lead bought a sense of playfulness to her scenes which brightened the overall oppressively themed play, she said, “She is such an iconic person, it was really good to be able to play someone so real.”

“When you think about what you’re doing and understand what is actually going on in the scene, it becomes nerve wrecking, as it is something that has really happened.”

Not only did KUCOM present Anne Frank on the stage, the moment audience members walked into the foyer of the building they were transitioned from the streets of Mackay to the streets of Amsterdam in 1929. Vicky Bobeldyk who played Mrs. Frank, aided in the construction of the foyer setting and surrounded the entrance with pages from Anne’s diary as well as photographs of the real Frank and Van Daan family. The setting of the foyer embedded a sense of somber history into audience’s minds before watching the play.

A sophisticated performance by all of the actors and actresses allowed for a tasteful presentation of the actual events that occurred in Germany. Every member involved in the production had a vast knowledge on the actual history in which the play was based on, allowing for the audience to be convinced that they were providing an accurate description of the renowned story.

Overall, the KUCOM theatre group gave not only an entertaining portrayal of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ but an informative one of that, as I can guarantee almost every member of the audience went home knowing a little more on the fearful life of a Jewish human being in 1929.

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10847834_884296208269156_760913491781908629_nAuthor Bio: Emily is currently studying at James Cook University and is on the verge of completing a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and Media and Writing. Her interests range from one side of the spectrum to the other. From writing about todays mainstream music, films and sport to exploring the world of politics, crime and injustices that are occurring throughout the world right now. Emily believes that art is a universal tool that can be used to represent any issue and connect with all people of the world.

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