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Published On October 15, 2016 | By Samantha Mant | Artgaze, Artgaze Magazine, News, Zines

The Artgaze team and myself are very pleased to announce that our first digital magazine issue is now available to download! You will also receive a print quality PDF should you wish to print it. Click here to download your copy on Gumroad now! 

‘Rebirth’ features 70 pages of interviews, poetry, photography, inspirational articles and short stories all centred around the theme of rebirth, transformation and growth. We felt the theme of this issue should reflect the immense change that Artgaze Magazine itself has undergone this past year. Our gorgeous cover art is by Australian artist Bedky.

treading-air-9781925344011_hrThere is an option to ‘pay what you want’ or to purchase it for free. We feel the most important thing is for our creation to be read and shared, so we encourage the ‘free’ option. Artgaze Lab are a NFP organisation, so any funds raised go toward maintaining our platform as well as creating awesome new products for our community and audience.


Everyone that downloads this issue will go into the draw to win a copy of Townsville author, Ariella Van Luyn’s debut novel ‘Treading Air‘. We have three to give away and the winners will be announced November 1st! We will notify you via email and announce it on our social media, ensuring your details are kept private.


As a cheeky little aperitif, I thought I would share here my ‘Welcome Letter’ from the magazine. Deepest gratitude from myself and the Artgaze team x0


‘Life is full of many deaths and rebirths both literal and analogical, reflecting the creative process and creative mind.

Not to get too existential about our little art zine, but Artgaze has undergone its fair share of cyclic change.

Artgaze Magazine started in November 2007 as a local Townsville publication spanning until 2012. It then became a solely online presence with the website to replace the publication.

Now Artgaze is once again a magazine but as a digital product, which allows us to have more globally reaching tendrils multiplying week by week.

I’m proud to be part of a global art collective that is bringing a little bit of the world into close quarters.

Combining the creative consciousness of people breaks down barriers, building and strengthening us both as a community as well as individuals.

When Jeanette Hutchinson asked me to write for Artgaze back in February, I was excited not just to be able to use another internet platform to voice my passions but also to share that space writing for other peoples stories.

Jeanette and I decided, through our mutual desire to support women and LGBT community artists (a collective who seldom have a platform on their own terms) to start up the feature ‘Sistas on Art’. This feature launched March 8th coinciding with International Womens Day. A platform for writers to interview women, trans, or non-gendered people for our website blog and our magazine. It is also for people of this community to send us in their own stories regarding their artistic modalities, creative process, how their experiences informs their art and their relationship to it.

Art has always been a way for the oppressed or minorities to become ‘loud’. Art is a vessel in which people share their ideas, knowledge, experience, emotion. Art allows us to connect, vent, inspire and support one another.

With the success of the first Sistas on Art article, and after many long conversations regarding the growth and future of Artgaze, Jeanette asked me if I would take over the Editor position for the magazine. The amount of trust Jeanette placed in me and my vision is not lost on me. The Artgaze team have entrusted me with something very close to their hearts; supporting their artist community and helping it grow. I humbly and excitedly accepted.

My initial desire to share a platform here as a writer had grown into something so much bigger.

After much learning, adaptation and hard work, the Artgaze team and myself are very happy to offer you all the first digital Artgaze magazine, issue #17 Rebirth. The magazine has been put together almost entirely by myself and our amazing digital creatrix / graphic designer, Carly Sheil.  Carly and I sincerely hope that people enjoy each and every page as much as we enjoyed creating the magazines rebirth.

This issue also introduces Artgaze’s new Intern, Emily Devon. Emily came on board early September, throwing herself instantly at the task of interviewing artists and developing content. Two of such interviews will be found in this magazine as Emily’s feature article, ’21 Questions With…’. 

Thank you, Emily, for being such a dedicated and motivated team member!

A special mention must go to Becky Mant, for creating our beautiful cover art. For more information on Becky and her artwork, look up Emily’s interview with Becky on the Artgaze blog.

We would like to extend deep gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the magazine, the blog, anyone who has liked us on our social media, or come along to our Film Club events, and to you reading our magazine!

YOU are our community, our ‘art fam’ and we look forward to collaborating with you further.

Many thanks,

Samantha Mant’


Samantha Mant

Samantha Mant

Author Bio: Samantha Mant is a Naturopath who empowers people with the knowledge to heal themselves. At her website, The Holistic Branch, she teaches how to do so by providing self sufficient, sustainable health information & encouragement to branch together all aspects of their being to be holistically aligned.

Samantha is also the Editor for Artgaze Magazine. Artgaze Lab Inc is a NFP artist collective, that, amongst other endeavours, provides a platform for artists all over the globe to connect & share their work with the world.

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Samantha Mant is the Editor in Chief for Artgaze magazine. She is also a naturopath. More of Samantha's work can be found at her website The Holistic Branch.

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