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Editors Note: Bedky is an up and coming Australian artist whose design we are very proud to have on the cover of our latest magazine! Our fabulous intern, Emily Devon, shot Bedky some questions to find out her drives, passions and aspirations. We threw in a few photos of Bedky’s most recent artwork for good measure (; We hope you enjoy. Don’t forget, you can pick up a copy of our magazine here for free! ~ Samantha

Hutt Slayer

                          Hutt Slayer

  1. What is your name? Becky Mant (a.k.a Bedky)
  2. Where are you located? Melbourne!
  3. What artistic mediums do you work in? Digital mostly at the moment, but I do work with acrylic paints and water colours here and there.
  4. When did the art bug bite? I’ve always been a scribbler! I can’t remember a period in my life where I didn’t want to draw or paint.
  5. What drives you? This is a pretty loaded question to me! I’m a bit of a perfectionist so that does drive me to improve, but at the base level I simply need to create something! I’m an emotional fairy and when I can make some art that reflects how I feel or the stories I create, it inspires me again for the next piece.
  6. What are your inspirations? Music, life experiences, emotions, my pet ratties, and kick-butt women around the world.
  7. Your favourite piece that you’ve created? I’m not sure if I’d call any of my works a ‘favourite’, but one that has a lot of meaning to me is an acrylic painting I made when I was around 14, it’s a silhouette of a ship in front of the setting sun sailing a rough sea. The painting was extremely freeing as I had just resolved to leave high school and go straight to TAFE (ugh, high school am, I right?).
  8. Who is your favourite artist? I don’t feel as though I have a favourite artist! I follow a large variety of artists on various social media however (how good is Instagram for that!?).
  9. What music are you currently listening to? So much! If I had to name a few bands I’d say The Flatliners, The Slackers, and Leftover Crack are my most played favourite musicians.
  10. Can you remember the first piece you’ve ever created? I’m not sure that I do! I’ve been painting since I was tiny. I think the earliest piece that I felt truly proud of and a bit ~professional~ for creating was a pastel work of planets that I did when doing art with my Nana, on an easel that my Grandad made for me!


                                Rock Heart

  11. What is the goal in regards to your work?/How far will you further your work? Mostly I just want to create, its cathartic and rewarding when I can take emotions and stories from my heart and head and translate them to art onto the screen/paper/canvas. Seeing my skills develop and feeling more confident slowly everyday also feels pretty good, and if other people get some joy or feel connected due to seeing something I’ve made then I’m super happy!
  12. Star Sign? Pisces!
  13. Favourite film? That’s hard! If I had to narrow it down to a few… all the Star Wars films, LOTR, and The Labyrinth!
  14. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully up to my eyeballs in artwork and video games and supporting myself via my love for both things!



  15. Coffee or Tea? Tea!! All the tea!
  16. Where is your favourite place to travel to? I haven’t traveled outside of Australia, but even if I had I think I’d still pick Kurrimine Beach in North QLD!
  17. What do you love most about your job/being an artist? The escape and relief art provides is basically the best feeling! Connecting with other artists is really nice too, and I know that seeing other people have the bravery to post their work online has encouraged me to do so as well, so hopefully I can do that for others one day.



  18. Morning bird or night owl? Night owl for sure, video games from 8pm-8am (just kidding..kinda).
  19. Do you have any pets? What are they? Yes! I have two rats at the moment, brothers named Mordor and Ghouranga, they are the absolute best angels ever.
  20. What would you be doing if you weren’t creating your art? Playing video games! Adult rating 5/5.
  21. Where can we find you online? Insta: @Bedky  FB: Bedky  Twitter: @Bedkyboo





10847834_884296208269156_760913491781908629_nAuthor Bio:
 Emily is currently studying at James Cook University and is on the verge of completing a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and Media and Writing. Her interests range from one side of the spectrum to the other. From writing about todays mainstream music, films and sport to exploring the world of politics, crime and injustices that are occurring throughout the world right now. Emily believes that art is a universal tool that can be used to represent any issue and connect with all people of the world.

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