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Published On November 13, 2016 | By Samantha Mant | Performance


Bella Dance Affairs opened early October, created by Cassandra McGhee, as a ‘welcoming place for adults to come and dance’ in Currajong. McGhee says that she used to teach burlesque dance but couldn’t find the ‘right place to teach’ in Townsville so she decided to make her own.

“The main goal with Bella Dance Affairs is to create a welcoming place for adults to come and dance, as it is never too late to dance. There is also a community of different styles of dance out there and I wanted to bring them together and create a space for them to teach under one roof.”

Mcghee is keen on networking the dance community in Townsville and getting them to work together.

“Townsville dance community is large but at the same time small, there is a lot of people out there that still don’t know about it and I am hoping to change that with the support that I have been given from a number of dance groups in the community.” tap-dancing-lessons

McGhee has several dance instructors from different styles of dance with their own businesses and hopes to bring the Townsville dance community together to pool their resources.

“That’s what I want to achieve with Bella Dance Affairs. It has all different cultures and styles of dance and my main goal with it is to have one big community of dance. Everyone comes together and they can all dance, no matter what style of dance they like to do,”

Jordan Galliott, belly-dance instructor of For the Curious, believes Bella Dance Affairs to be the beginning of a more networked dance community in Townsville.

“It is definitely going to play a part in bringing the dance community closer together, bringing multiple styles and instructors together with a policy of support and good attitudes,” she said.

McGhee’s studio has given Galliott the space to expand her teaching practice and audience.

“BDA is a big chunk of my teaching calendar now, through the studio I am running an open level class and a performance course. I am honored to be able to teach in this kind of environment, it’s fun and laid back but we still get things done.”

Bella Dance Affairs has recently added a new dance style with Tap Dancing coming to the studio on the 27th of October, 2016.


j-sherwin-headshot-full-sizeAuthor Bio: ‘My name is Joel Sherwin and I am a journalism student at James Cook University, writing primarily about entertainment and community events. I have a passion for literature and aim to be a journalist/author.’


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