A New Day; Poem by Chris Picone

Published On December 16, 2016 | By Samantha Mant | Artgaze Magazine, Poetry, Projects

AG: We are very pleased to publish the beautiful poem, ‘A New Day’ by Chris Picone, on our blog. Chris is the facilitator of Emerge, which is a creative writing group for 13-17 year olds; see the flyer below for more information and to get involved with this wonderful project. Emerge itself is free, but teenagers do have to be a member of TWPC (Townsville Writers & Publishers Centre) to apply.

In Chris’s own words .. “My submission here is a poem with the working title “A New Day” which examines the sensation experienced when facing a (both literal and metaphorical) sunrise.  You know the one, when everything’s dark and terrible but then suddenly light breaks the sky and you know that it’s the start of a new day and that somehow everything will be okay?  I wrote it when I was in a particularly dark place, and then later edited it into its current form as a bit of an experiment playing with some of the more technical elements of poetry.”



A New Day.


Dark contemplations, so black they’re grey.

Tenebrous memories join in the fray.

Ominous tidings usurping light –

I cannot see the stars tonight.

Outside, grim darkness – vile demons swarm.

Photo by Chris Picone

Despair, malignance – inside, a storm.

Tomorrow’s promise defies the blight,

resolves my will to stay the fight.

Over the hills to the east you rise;

warming my soul, igniting the skies.

Casting off shadow, bringing the light –

my heart unfetters at the sight!

Here beneath your radiant wonder,

the demons’ grip is split asunder.

Free from perdition, hope’s acolyte,

with renewed strength my spirit takes flight.



Author Bio:

“I’m currently studying a joint bachelor degree in Education (Secondary) and Arts (English) while working security to pay my way, but my background is mostly in construction and mining, and I also served for around ten years as an Army Reservist. I like to use plain but powerful language in my writing, while drawing on my diverse life experiences to give an undeniable life to the words. I like to think outside the box and enjoy experimenting with different genres; on top of countless short stories and poetry, my first novel is a low-magic survival fantasy and the piece I am writing now is a near-future sci-fi that examines the darker aspects of human nature. I also run the Emerge writing program for teenagers, which you can find on the TWPC website.” 

Website: http://www.cshpicone.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cshpicone/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chris_picone

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