Townsville Artist Stories, part 2: Justin Reid, Jo Lankester & Dr. Karen Landt-Isley

Published On December 17, 2016 | By Samantha Mant | Artgaze, Artgaze Magazine, Interviews, Profiles

Artgaze Magazine are proud to be collaborating with Townsville Artist Stories, to republish nine video interviews of artists local to Townsville, North Queensland. The project is the brain child of writer, educator and curator, Alex Christopher, funded by Townsville City Council and Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund. The films were recorded and edited by Mia Peronis of Eyeswide Imaging.

We hope you enjoy hearing these inspirational and driven artists share from their hearts!

Justin Reid: Conceptual Artist

“Justin Reid makes ethereal, interactive art installations with every day materials, adding sound scapes and other media.

He explores themes based on his own psychology and humanity’s and is not satisfied with a work until it has had some kind of connection and participation with the audience. His works create moments for the viewer – both photo-moments for social media, and experiences that transcend the tradition of simply viewing the work.

We filmed Justin in his “studio” aka, his bedroom, to talk about a work he created in the last year of his degree in New Media Arts studied at James Cook University.”


Jo Lankester: Printmaking Artist

“Jo Lankester is a practising artist specialising in printmaking and collaborating with artists to produce limited edition prints and installation art.

Jo draws on her surroundings for inspiration looking for interesting compositions of colour, and shapes found on rocks, trees, ground that can be translated into marks on a printmaking plate.
We filmed Jo in her home printmaking studio, called Finch Press.”

Website :


Dr. Karen Landt-Isley: Photographer & Visual Artist

“Dr. Karen Landt-Isley is a photographic artist who has worked in medical photography and lectured in Melbourne’s RMIT program as well as at James Cook University.

Karen moved to Townsville and became interested in place – particularly the landscape and experience of Magnetic Island.

Her work aims to push the boundaries of what photography is and can be, focusing on extending all the senses so as not to privilege sight. In this video, Dr. Landt-Isley shares the works and ideas that formed her Ph.D. research that featured artists books, photograms and photocopying techniques.

We filmed Karen on a blowy day on Maggie Island, at Alma Beach, which was one of the sites of her research for her body of work.

Karen does not ever want to have an artist’s website.”

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