Townsville Artist Stories, part 3: Tegan Ollet, Michelle Hall & Matt Whitton.

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Artgaze Magazine are proud to be collaborating with Townsville Artist Stories, to republish nine video interviews of artists local to Townsville, North Queensland. The project is the brain child of writer, educator and curator, Alex Christopher, funded by Townsville City Council and Arts Queensland through the Regional Arts Development Fund. The films were recorded and edited by Mia Peronis of Eyeswide Imaging.

We hope you enjoy hearing these inspirational and driven artists share from their hearts!


Tegan Ollet: Independent Dance Artist and Choreographer

“Tegan Ollet is a conceptual dance artist who collaborates with sound and media artists to extend her work.

She creates internal narratives to draw upon to find new movement placing ideas on the body.

Tegan has established a creative focus exploring contemporary dance through performance installations, challenging the traditional viewing platforms associated with dance as a genre.

Learn more about Tegan’s work over on her Vimeo site : 

Permeate :

Sinew :

Footage/photos and collaborating artists referenced in this film include Aaron Ashley, Matt Elwin and Holly Grech-Fitzgerald.”


Michelle Hall: Multi-media Installation Artist & Curator

“Michelle Hall started her creative journey using skills her family shared in fibre arts and textiles, and over time her artmaking has become concerned with political and feminist themes.

She is driven by ideas in political and academic writing, and uses space away from her arts administrative career, in residencies across the world to go deep into an idea for a work.

Michelle incorporates into her installations projection and other electronic media.

In this video, filmed at Umbrella Studio where her work was then on display, Michelle speaks about works created during her residency in Aberystwyth, Wales.”

Website :


Matt’s focus encompasses a broad spectrum that integrates film and audio with events. He explores themes of humanity and experience through an organic process where he allows the medium to guide the resulting work.

We filmed Matt at his home surrounded by bush on Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. He’d just returned from a trip up north and he’d just bought turkeys!”

Website :

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