Meet Our Team!

Meet the team behind Artgaze Lab Inc. and all Artgaze projects! Our members are passionate about the arts and artists in their own right, volunteering their time to work together organising events, developing the magazine and updating our social media. We hope you enjoy our productions as much as we enjoy creating them!

Jeanette Hutchinson

Jeanette Hutchinson

Artgaze Event Manager + Film Club Curator. 

Jeanette has a BVA with honors and is a practicing artist, writer, and curator. She is a regular contributor along with her other commitments. When not consumed with producing art events, painting theatre sets and screening films (phew), she spends her free time designing and making art.



Samantha Mant

Samantha Mant

Artgaze Magazine Editor in Chief. 

Along with being our EIC, Samantha is a naturopath with over 15 years experience and writes about holistic medicine (and more) on her website The Holistic Branch. Her writing has been featured in online magazines, blogs and other publications. Sami loves; Counter-culture, underground and alternative mobilisations: DIY everything from business to society to artistic pursuits: Writing to share her own and other people’s interests/stories: Music and fashion (although she is probably a bit stuck in the 70s/80s). Sami believes all endeavours in life = art. You can also follow Sami on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.


Carly Sheil

Carly Sheil

Artgaze Tech / Design Extraordinaire + Regular Contributor. 

Carly creates pixel art, vector art, sculptures and graphic design for various peeps. She has a Bachelor of New Media Arts, multiple years of experience in web design, print design and game development, and has been volunteering in the arts since 2011. In her ‘me time’ she plays video games and views media that pushes her social justice buttons, and makes art for herself. You can also follow Carly on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.




Michael Gillman (Gilly)

Audio Engineer + Regular Contributor 

Michael is a Townsville based sound engineer and Industrial music producer who has been an active fan and follower of underground/ alternative music and arts culture since the late 80’s when he picked up his first punk rock album. Gilly can also be spotted hitting up his local sk8 park and is a sucker for for old school horror, sci-fi and cult films. He is a big advocate for social justice and human rights for all. You can check out Gilly’s soundcloud for his solo act Landstrap here and his band Psycho Decay here.


Emily Devon10847834_884296208269156_760913491781908629_n

Artgaze Intern + Regular Contributor + All-Round Rad Assistant

Emily is currently studying at James Cook University and is on the verge of completing a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and Media and Writing. Her interests range from one side of the spectrum to the other. From writing about todays mainstream music, films and sport to exploring the world of politics, crime and injustices that are occurring throughout the world right now. Emily believes that art is a universal tool that can be used to represent any issue and connect with all people of the world.


14580509_10154584303093185_1363556434_nDavid Hutchinson

Events Manager + Administrator

David is a hospitality facility and events manager who in his downtime focuses on Artgaze Lab Inc. Arts events in the role of Artgaze administrator and in technical production tor both Artgaze and Full Throttle theatre company. A collector of rare vinyl, particularly experimental industrial and ambient electronica, his vinyl collection and soundscapes are surprising the audiences at artgaze film and event nights .


author-photo Tamantha Elliot

Artgaze Intern + Regular Contributor + Word Connoisseur 

Tamantha Elliot is a freelance arts and entertainment journalist and urban fantasy writer. She is also a full time nerd, theatre-goer, lover of literature, music listener, somewhat terrible gamer, television watcher, and (very) amateur artist. You can find Tamantha on her blog at:“


img_20160901_163934Becky Mant

Regular Contributor + Assisting Creatrix

Becky, aka Bedky, is an artistic geek, working mainly with digital media these days but still enjoys making a mess with acrylic paints. Along with creating digital scribbles, Becky is an avid gamer and spends perhaps a little bit too much time exploring and kicking butt in many virtual worlds. Becky has been a model for many years possessing an extensive backlog of creative photoshoots, a few of which were published internationally. Recently that work was put on the back burner in favour of studying a Bachelor of Health Science. Becky treasures art in all its variety as a platform for personal and sociopolitical improvement… and is also a Crazy Rat Mum. Follow Becky’s Facebook and Instagram for art + rat spam, and other creative goodness.