Screen and on-line advertising rates

Artgaze Lab Inc partners with Full Throttle theatre to bring you – Artgaze Film Club – monthly screeningsFilm is universally popular. There is no better way to build your business brand, sales and profitability than on the big screen or the small screen with an on-line ad or advertorial.
We offer VIP Corporate sponsorship and Partnership packages for small to large corporations and small business that include screen ads and much more. Contact us at for Sponsorship and Partnership information packages.
 All advertising profits go back into hiring films, maintaining the equipment, the building, and associated costs of running a non-profit association for the arts.

  • We offer discounted rates of 15% for fellow non-profit organisations,individual artists and arts-based small business owners.
  • Non-Profit 15% discount on all advertising over $50.00.

15-second ad

30-second ad

12-month term – $10.00 per month$120.00
6-month term – $15 per month$90.00
3-month term – $20 per month$60.00
1-month term – $30.00
12-month term – $15.00 per month$180.00
6-month term – $20 per month $ 120.00
3-month term – $30 per month$ 90.00
1-month term – $50.00

To find out how please contact Artgaze on 0416 980 323 or

When you advertise on our screen you will:

• get your message to the right people – those who live and work around your business

• enjoy an attentive, relaxed audience, and achieve high recall rates

• we can also display your flyers in the foyer as an easy-access takeaway for cinema-goers.

Best of all, our  advertising rates start from as little as $30.00 per month

Our  Team will work with you to deliver your message and adapt your existing branding into our film events.

Online Ad Spaces:

125 x 125 pixels $30 per month


How do I pay for my advertising?

Please contact Advertising/marketing on 0416  980 323.


You are not required to supply artwork until the booking is confirmed. Please contact the artgaze team at for the deadlines regarding  online ads and advertorials, and advertising on the big screen.

Online advertisements must be in RGB, as high resolution JPG, GIF or PNG files at 100% of the ad size.

1) All advertising bookings must be confirmed by email ( or please call our office on 0416 980 323 for any assistance and support.
2) Finished artwork must be submitted according to specifications listed on the Artgaze website or email us:
3) Cancellations  for payments received after booking deadlines will not be accepted.
4) To secure advertising space you can make a direct transfer to the Artgaze account
5) Advertisements are accepted subject to the approval of the Editor.

For further inquiries, please contact us at: