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Artgaze Lab Inc and Full Throttle Theatre partner to bring you – Artgaze Film Club – screenings.

The strange… the beautiful… the cult… the classic… movies from the cinema vault to inspire. Enjoy unique films and documentaries with us and assist to raise funds for next years film program. .Full Throttle Theatre provides a well stocked bar and great service at each performance with bar profits assisting productions and projects. For more information about Full Throttle performances and events see their website. Artgaze Film Club are members of FQFS – The Federation of Queensland Film Societies and by association, members of ACOFS – the Australian Council of Film Societies. Artgaze Film Club is also a registered member of The National Film and Sound Archive.

FQFSlogonfsa logo Membership available now! Annual $50.00 . Three month renewable memberships for $15.00  also available at each screening. That equates to $5.00 for 3 films. Membership includes regular updates and a discounted $8.00 ticket for one guest per film. You can fill out the membership form and make a payment on the door or contact us, and we can send you a form and direct deposit details. Email us at or ring 0416 980 323 . Members can pre-book seats by calling 0416 980 323. 

Upcoming Movies 2014  

The Man who Fell to Earth (1976)


Friday December 5th: Screen Out Loud!

The Old Courthouse Theatre Screening: Suspiria (1977) & Dracula AD (1972) 

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The Townsville Cinema Group

Established in 1962, now one of Australia’s oldest film societies. The Cinema Group screen entertaining and thought-provoking limited-release feature films every other Thursday at the Warrina Cineplex. Check out the programme and upcoming screenings.

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 Dr Who and the Daleks (1965) Daleks Invasion Earth.

Sat July 19th: ‘The Dark Side’ North Queensland Premiere.The Darkside (2013). Directed by Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah). The Darkside assembles a collection of poignant, sad, funny and absurd ghost tales from across Australia and brings them to life with some of Australia’s best loved actors. Presented by cast member Merwez Whaleboat, producer Kath Shelpr & special guest Ken Dalton. Honest, matter-of-fact firsthand accounts. Illuminating a black perspective of the other side.

June 14th  Walkabout Film Festival with the  Island Sensation Dancers  & Mundy Creek Short presented by Denise Weightman.    The Mundy Creek Regeneration Project   Walkabout (1971) Directed by Nicolas Roeg. Presented by Merwez Whaleboat. Two young white children are stranded in the Australian outback and are forced to cope on their own . They meet a young indigenous boy on Walkabout (a ritualistic separation from his tribe) who cares for them. 100 mins. Rated M.

Free Film Event at Jezzine!
Artgaze Film Club partnered with Townsville City Council Events and Strand Sunset Cinema to bring you our usual cult classics alongside Strand Sunset Cinemas popular family features. Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th May, under the starry skies at the Parade Grounds, Jezzine Barracks. with Friday night screenings of Despicable Me 2 (animation) and 8.40pm ‘The Party’ A clerical mistake results in a bumbling film extra being invited to an exclusive Hollywood party instead of being fired. Stars Peter Sellers. Saturday night screenings 6.30pm The Croods (animation) / 8.30pm ‘The Fifth Element’. Good and evil battle for the future of 23rd century Earth in this visually striking big-budget science fiction epic. Stars: Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman.

Viva Maria! (1965) Presented by Todd Barty. Sexy Western, adventure film directed by Louis Malle. ( 119 min.) Two of the most beautiful women in the European cinema of  the 1960′s team up as Burlesque entertainers, (stars Brigitte Bardot &Jeanne Moreau) in a crazy Mexican  revolution road movie.  Johnny Guitar (1954) [Presented by Townsville Classic Films] Runtime 104 min. Johnny Guitar is a Western drama starring Sterling Hayden, Joan Crawford, Mercedes McCambridge and Scott Brady directed by Nicholas Ray. The plot is set in boundless Arizona, where Joan Crawford (Vienna), an aggressive and strong-willed saloon owner is wrongly suspected of murder and bank robbery. Outrageously over the top, don’t miss it!

The Cars that ate Paris  (1974) 91 mins. Directed by Peter Weir.The small town of Paris, Australia deliberately causes car accidents, then sells/salvages all valuables from the wrecks as a means of economy. Stars: Terry Camilleri, John Meillon, Kevin Miles. A twisted piece of dark Australian Gothic comedy.

Sunset Boulevard (1950) American film noir directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, and pro

duced and co-written by Charles Brackett.

It was named after the boulevard that runs through Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California. The film stars William Holden as Joe Gillis, an unsuccessful screenwriter, and Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond, a faded silent movie star who draws him into her fantasy world where she dreams of making a triumphant return to the screen.

Easy Rider (1969) 95 mins. Rated MA 15+.A landmark American road movie written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern, produced by Fonda and directed by Hopper. It tells the story of two bikers (played by Fonda and Hopper) who travel through the American Southwest and the South. Also stars Jack Nicholson.

Savannah Country Produced and directed by Catherine Hunter. Savannah Country Tells the story of a collaborative exhibition between North Queensland artists Julie Poulsen and Jenny Valmadre. On the road from Cairns and Cooktown lie savannah grasslands and the Desailly Range, the country which was the starting point for these artists. This documentary gives rare insights into the artistic processes as the filmmaker shadows the artists as they move from early conception to completion of a significant body of work

. Jenny Sages: Paths to Portraiture Produced and directed by Catherine Hunter.  Jenny Sages: Paths to Portraiture is a short film featuring interviews with Jenny Sages, her husband Jack Sages, author Helen Garner and National Portrait Gallery Historian, Sarah Engledow. Produced and directed by Catherine Hunter, this film provides insights into Jenny’s life, her inspirations and her approach to painting portraits.

Inland heart-The Photography of Jeff Carter Produced and Directed by Catherine Hunter, Cinematography by Bruce Inglis, Edited by Paolo Febbo. In July 2010, director Catherine Hunter and cameraman Bruce Inglis joined photographer Jeff Carter on a road trip to western New South Wales. Carter was keen to renew acquaintances with people he’d first photographed back in the fifties. On October 25, Carter died aged 82 years, just prior to the opening of a major retrospective of his work, curated by Sandra Byron, for the State Library of New South Wales. This documentary, incorporating his final interviews, draws together the themes and passions of a lifetime of photographic enquiry.

Harold and Maude (1971) 91 mins.  Harold and Maude is a 1971 American black comedy romance directed by Hal Ashby. It incorporates elements of dark humour and existentialist drama. The plot revolves around the exploits of a young man named Harold (played by Bud Cort). Harold drifts away from the life that his detached mother (Vivian Pickles) prescribes for him, and develops a relationship with a 79-year-old woman named Maude (Ruth Gordon).

Autoluminescent: Rowland S Howard  (2012) 110 mins.  Guitarist, songwriter, artist Rowland S Howard never achieved the stardom of his Birthday Party band mate Nick Cave, but by his premature death in 2009 he’d become an underground legend. Cave, Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins, Lydia Lunch and Adalita all pay tribute in a documentary portrait that’s as remarkable as Howard himself.

The Bride of Frankenstein  (1935) 80 mins. Directed by James Whale. Mary Shelley reveals the main characters of her novel survived: Dr. Frankenstein (goaded by an even madder scientist) builds his monster a mate.

Eraserhead  (1977) 85 mins. Directed by David Lynch. A surrealist body horror film written and directed by American filmmaker David Lynch. Shot in black-and-white, Eraserhead is Lynch’s first feature-length film, coming after several short works, it tells the story of Henry Spencer (Nance), who is left to care for his grossly deformed child in a desolate industrial landscape. Throughout the film, Spencer experiences dreams or hallucinations, featuring his child and the Lady in the Radiator .

Logan’s Run  (1976) 119 mins. Directed by Michael Anderson. It’s 2274 and on the surface, it all seems to be an idyllic society. Living in a city within an enclosed dome, there is little or no work for humans to perform and inhabitants are free to pursue all of the pleasures of life. There is one catch however: At the age of 30 life is terminated in a quasi-religious ceremony known as Carousel.  Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959) 77 mins. Directed by Ed Wood. Rising to Cult Status and regularly called the “Worst Movie Ever Made”.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane  (1962) 134 mins. Directed by Robert Aldritch. Two icons from the golden age of Hollywood, Oscar winners Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, take their famous feud onscreen in Robert Aldrich’s unsettling thriller. In fierce, no-holds-barred performances, Bette Davis portrays aging ex-child star Baby Jane Hudson while Joan Crawford plays Blanche, the crippled sister Jane torments psychologically. As the sisters descend into madness, the tension builds to a shocking ending in this unforgettable classic.

Past Movies 2012

House of Dark Shadows (1970) Feature-length horror film directed by Dan Curtis based on his Dark Shadows television series. In this film expansion, vampire Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) searches for a cure for vampirism so he can marry a woman who resembles his long-lost fiancee Josette (Kathryn Leigh Scott).

Barbarella (1968) French-Italian science fiction film based on Jean-Claude Forest’s French Barbarella comics. In the far future a foxy, space-bounty huntress is tasked with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Along the way she encounters various unusual inter- galactic types including a buff, angel like male creature. The film was directed by Roger Vadim and stars Jane Fonda, who was Vadim’s wife at the time

Beyond The Valley of the Dolls (1970) Starring Dolly Read, Cynthia Myers, Marcia McBroom, John Lazar, Michael Blodgett and David Gurian, Beyond The Valley of the Dolls was directed by Russ Meyer and co-written by Meyer and Roger Ebert- it’s an American schlock melodrama set in the 70′s.

La Dolce Vita (1960) Starring Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg, La Dolce Vita is the story of 7 days in a passive journalists life in Rome, it was written and directed by famous director Federico Fellini, and was the winner of the Golden Palm at the 1960′s Cannes Film Fest… And one of the characters names is the origin of the term paparazzi that has spread so far and wide!

Evil Dead (1981) Written and directed by Sam Raimi, starring Bruce Campbell, this original in a series of three has since expanded into other formats such as video games, comic books and even a musical!

Alice (1988) Fantasy written and directed by Jan Švankmajer. Its original Czech title is N?co z Alenky, which means “Something from Alice”. It is a free adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s first  book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865). The film combines live action with stop motion animation, and is distinguished by its dark and uncompromising production design.