Perth Zine Collective

Perth, Western Australia, Australia
For zines of every kind: hand-made, printed, stitched, sketched, leatherbound, and local.

The Perth Zine Collective is a not-for-profit group keeping the zine culture flame burning in WA. We appear with guerilla zine shops around the Perth Metropolitan, stocking and distributing zines for the everyperson, and arming some with the knowledge of what a zine is and how it gives light. We hold zine-making workshops with free use of long-armed staplers, old magazines, and typewriters. We have picnics that celebrate zines in all their small glory because they are good and fun.

We also run Aunty Mabel's Zine Distro, which is a place where you can browse and buy zines online. Stop by and say hi to Aunty Mabel.

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