Shøøting Gallery

105 Bowen Street, Spring Hill, Queensland, 4000, Australia
0405 059 367

So you want to know more about the gallery? Ace!

Shøøting Gallery was set up to explore new ways of doing the gallery thing. Everything about the space aims to look at different ways to run a small-to-medium artist-run gallery. Our model is informed by a genuine desire to do things better. We want to explore new was of creating, supporting, showing and funding creative works.

We don't play favorites. We exhibit works regardless of an artist’s status, city or country of origin, their preference of medium, style or technique, or hair colour. We do however prefer to work with early- or mid-career artists. It's a plus if they're independent, unrepresented and cute (OK we’re <strike>half</strike> kidding about the cute requirement). Each exhibition launches with an opening night event, kicking off a three week run.

For information on up-coming exhibitions please sign up to the mailing list, The gallery is also open by appointment. Contact Elliott on 0405059367 or to arrange a time.

Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 17:00

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