Torres Strait Museum and Historical Society Association

Green Hill Fort Other, Thursday Island QLD 4875, Australia
(07) 4069 2998

In 1994 the Torres Strait Museum displays were transferred from the old Masonic Lodge on John Street to the underground section of historic Green Hill Fort. The Fort was originally intended as a first line of defence for Australia against sea invasions in the 1855 war and World War II. Rooms of the Fort have been dedicated to different themes of display. The Cordite Store houses the Wanetta Collection - a collection of gifts, souvenirs and collectables put together by Mr Reg Hockings Snr. earlier this century. The defence display is being developed in the Powder Magazine. The Lamp Room has been designated as the Lighthouse Room, featuring a second order lens recently removed from Booby Island Lighthouse after 100 years of service when the lighthouse was upgraded to automatic. The Shell Store houses the pearlshelling and shipping collection. A Thursday Island Township display is planned when the Machinery Room is upgraded in 1996

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