25 years after his first album, El Mono de Kapanga recorded: “The rock establishment did not understand the proposal”

Kapanga is celebrating, the first of his albums, and one of the most important, “15 cm from reality”, turns 25 and they celebrate it with a very special tourwhich begins this Friday, May 26 at the Vorterix Theater.

The most four-member rock band embarks on the odyssey of presenting the tour “25 years from reality”, where they will play the entire album at each of the shows they will play around the country, recalling classics such as “Me mata”, El Mono Relojero” and “Ramón”. “He marked the couple of generations,” he said Monkeysinger and leader of the group, in dialogue with Music Profile.

“We were not boys. Our families were already wondering what these kids are going to do (laughs). Almost 30 years, they keep trying with that, when they go to look for a job. And we fought it and it happened. And we enjoy it, we value it a lot for the sacrifice we all made, ”she explained.

Twenty-five years ago, the rock scene, or music in general, was not as tolerant of other genres as it is today. He who listened to rock, did not listen to the quartet, and Kapanga was one of the forerunners in breaking those schemes.

“It was not easy for us huh, much of the rock establishment did not understand the proposal. Not only was the quartet not heard, the quartet was almost unknown (in Buenos Aires). of the Mona Jimenez perhaps a song was known, ‘Who has drunk all the wine’ and we already We had been doing La Mona songs 10 years before that, so we were resisted”, recounted the singer and added that, at that time, they had to explain to the media and musicians what the quartet was.

Kapanga’s first album turns 25. (Kapanga Press)

– How does La Mona get to Kapanga?

– It actually comes to me. When I did the colimba, there was a Cordovan corporal who spent all his time listening to music that caught my attention and I had never heard before. One day I got excited and said “hey, what are you listening to?” So that! Cordovan, fan of The monkey: “You Buenos Aires don’t know anything, you don’t know anything” (laughs). He lent me the cassette, I listened to a song that spoke of something that was happening to me at that moment and that’s where it started. And then when we put together the band, that is, I took a band that was already half assembled, that is disarming, that the singer was leaving. And I tell them “look, I have to do this”. We started rehearsing it and the first stage of Kapanga, which we no longer tell the story, because it was 89, 90 and 91, “Kapanga y los Yacaré”, with a list of songs that were all songs by Mona Jiménez rocked. to the stick And there we start.

Kapanga on Music Profile
Kapanga starts its new tour on May 26 at Vorterix (Kapanga Press)

This new tour is the perfect opportunity for the band and the most loyal public of Kapangathat follows them from their beginnings, may revive those songs that consolidated the group within the rock sceneduring the 90’s.

“It was another time, discos were still sold. We were a band that did not go unnoticed in those years. It was a Gold record, we were a revelation group that year. We broke all records, we’ve never had anything. That record completely changed our lives.”, reflected the singer.

the tour “25 years from reality” will begin next Friday, May 26 at Vorterix and will continue in June with a presentation at the Flores Theater on June 23to travel to Santa Fe and Rosario where they will be giving shows on June 30 and July 1, respectively.

However, that is not all, the Kapanga They already warned that they would take the celebration to Córdoba, San Juan, La Rioja, San Luis, Mendoza and Mar del Plata, among other cities.

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