A tennis player suffered the highest fine in history: who is he and what happened

Perhaps one of the parties with the lowest profile of the Master 1000 of Madrid has been the one that was disputed between the French Hugo gaston and the Croatian borna coric. Almost a month after playing, the match had a huge impact on the world of tennis.

During the duel, choric had the possibility to fix the point when the gaston I purposely threw an extra ball into the court so that the point would be disallowed and had to be replayed.

However, everything was captured by the cameras of the atp And his vivacity cost him dearly, so dearly that the organization that regulates professional tennis decided to punish him with the highest fine in this sport: $144,000, a record figure.

According to different versions, gaston He will try to appeal to pay only 72 thousand dollars, half of the fine, but he will have to save due to the decision of the tennis regulatory body.

The result of the match? His maneuver corresponds little to the Frenchman who currently occupies the 108th position in the ranking since choric he defeated him by a double 6-3.