“Against all odds”: the taste for the familiar

As so many times, Joaquín Sabina visited our country again. He will remain until the end of March doing concerts in Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario. he l friend of almost everyone. The other cousin from Spain; the first, it is known, is the Catalan Joan Manuel Serrat. The Andalusian from Úbeda who has spent his time putting Buenos Aires sandwiches in his songs and in his comments. The pop artist with an air of tango who went from rock to song and from ballads to the sounds of Mexico and the Río de la Plata. The mature man of 74 (who once seriously worried us about his health) who already takes that Almodovarian irreverence with which we met him around here in the late 80s a bit as a joke, hand in hand with some affectionate Argentine comrades .

“Against all odds” is the name of this show that started in Latin America (Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Peru, our country and Uruguay) and will continue in its own land, Mexico and the United States. A proposal that released him free from presentations of new materials and that is leading him to do a large number of concerts, at the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires but also a couple of outdoor presentations in Córdoba (Mario Kempes Stadium, 3/18) and Rosario (Autodromo, 3/29), before crossing the pond to perform at the Montevideo Centennial on April 1.

This is how he made his debut in Buenos Aires with a series that will always confront him with venues full of enthusiastic audiences and unconditional lovers of everything he says or sings. And so it happened in an opening recital that showed a Sabina who only at times resembled the best we know. For a body that does not accompany him as before and forces him to sing sitting down, for a memory that requires an accompanying monitor, for a dramatic crescendo that did not allow the order of the chosen songs, because the strident sound of the band – made up of excellent soloists and commanded by her old partner Antonio García de Diego- harassed the ears at times in an indefinite ball, because in that sum the spirit of the singer-songwriter and the swing of the Iberian rocker were missed for many moments. It was great and the best with its stainless classics: “White lies”, “With a withered forehead”, “The boulevard of broken dreams”, “At the edge of the chimney”, “A song for Magdalena”, “19 days and 500 nights”, “With you”, “And they gave us 10”, etc. But he faded for many other moments: when he left the singing microphone in the hands of his companions Tamara Barros (chorister), Jaime Asua Abasolo (guitarist) or the aforementioned multifunctional García de Diego, when he got caught up in that exaggeration of sound mentioned, when he left a feeling of farewell that no one has announced but that flew over the entire inaugural concert.

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