Alberto Fernández challenged CFK’s “tercios”: “What good is a third if I can’t add more?”

During her time at C5N and Duro de Domar, Cristina Kirchner had spoken this week that a “election of thirds where the important thing is to enter the ballot”. But this Sunday, also from an interview, in this case in DiarioAr, President AAlberto Fernandez questioned that statement, asking: “What good is it for me to guarantee my floor, my third, and enter a second round if in that instance I do not add more votes?”

“Just as the 2019 election was a ceiling election because there were only two parties, between the Frente de Todos and Juntos por el Cambio they brought together 90% of the electorate, now we are in an election of thirds, where the important thing more than the ceiling is the floor“, the vice president had pointed out in Hard to tame.

The president was encouraged to question the electoral view that the vice president had outlined days past in C5N.

Given these statements by Cristina Kirchner, the President replied from a note with DiaryAr pointing out that this third is not enough to win: “What good is it for me to guarantee my floor, my third, and enter the second round, if in that instance I do not add votes? In my opinion, taking for granted that a third of the voters support us, what we need is to go in search of a greater accumulation of adhesions“.

In this sense, the President thought that the way is to “vote in the STEP, allowing all the candidates they want to participate, because that will mean increasing the level of adhesions.” For Fernandez, “the secret is to break the thirds” that they have the Front of All, Together for Change and Freedom Advances, but outside of “to retain one’s own vote, the important thing is to go beyond the faithful in order to guarantee success”.

Without this mobilization, at most we will crystallize the third that we have, according to the analysis that is made. But with that, it was hardly won.”explained.

Alberto Fernández summoned Plaza de Mayo on the 25th to “listen” to Cristina and honor Néstor Kirchner

On the other hand, Fernández also made reference to the PASO and described them as an instance for “democratize” the FdTsince it considers that said elections, “to the extent that they allow a wide participation, will generate a great militant mobilization and will promote a greater adhesion”.

In this regard, he said that in the political space as many pre-candidates can present themselves “as they want to present themselves” and affirmed that he does not believe that Peronism “can continue to be personalist, verticalist and all the things that it was when Perón was alive.”

“There will be many people with charisma, but they are not Perón”

“Peronism has a certain vocation to accept that logic because it was born from a huge caudillo that was Perón, but there was only one Perón in history, not one per decade was born,” he said and added: “There will be people with more leadership capacity, there will be people with a lot of charisma, but they are not Perón”.

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Alberto Fernández denies that inflation is a consequence of the agreement signed with the IMF, which the vice president described as “inflationary.”

Along these same lines, the president added: “When Perón said that the organization expires over time, what he told us is ‘I’m going to die, organize yourselves so that this lasts.’ For that, the only way to organize a political party is internal democracy. I don’t know who is against the democratization of space, I want to believe that no one”.

“How do you democratize a space? Letting people vote”The president stressed and insisted: “It is time for space to be democratized. Democratizing means that the structures do not govern and the decision of the people who follow us does. As a consequence of this democratization, there can be as many candidates as there are willingness to be a candidate“.

Alberto Fernández on the agreement with the IMF

During the interview, the president made reference to the agreement signed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and assured that “not stipulated a tax schedule”Rather, he negotiated an agreement that made the international financial institution “should accept conditions that it had never accepted before.”

In turn, he stressed that in said agreement “a program that guaranteed investment in health, education, science and technology, and public works, which admitted to be revised when the Argentine economy was altered by exogenous conditions“.

Cristina Kirchner and the agreement with the IMF: “What they did is scandalous”

According to the official, the phrase he said allowed him to “review the goals of reserves in view of the effects of the war in Ukraine, and those of fiscal balance, as a result of the historic drought.”

Likewise, after being consulted about the criticisms of the vice president in relation to the fact that the agreement signed is of an “inflationary” nature, Fernández acknowledged that the sustained price increase “exists in Argentina” but denied that this was a consequence of the negotiation agreed with the agency.

“What happens is that, in his logic, if you correct the rates, that is inflationary. If that is the logic, what do you want me to tell you? No, I have no solution. And if you don’t correct inflation, what do you do? You have a deficit, and if you don’t have credit, you issue. Isn’t that inflationary? It’s a discussion. I do not want to enter into that discussion because I have already lived it, I have already heard it in private and in public, ”he concluded.


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