An operation to avoid overflows and entry with trout entries

While the world champions will begin to arrive in the country starting tomorrow to play the two friendlies against Panama and Curaçao, the concern in the AFA is to prevent the bus that will take them to the Monumental from arriving in time and form. The experience that the players lived on December 20 when they were stranded on the Ricchieri highway was decisive and now the leaders together with those in charge of security are considering alternatives.

The voracity that the fans showed when the tickets went on sale turned on the alarms again. This Tuesday there will be a summit meeting in which progress will be made on a mega plan to avoid delays and overflows. The goal is for Messi and company to arrive at the Monumental without complications for the celebration of the third star.

The ideal plan was for the players to sleep on Wednesday night at the Monumental, to avoid transfers. But River’s concentration capacity is not enough for the entire squad and the coaching staff. That is why the proposal to spend the night in Núñez was discarded and the helicopter entered the scene: they will be ready at the AFA premises in Ezeiza in case it is necessary to transport the players by air.

In any case, everything arose from the behavior of the people, the traffic on the Ricchieri highway and, above all, the possible congestion in the streets of the Núñez neighborhood.

Back. Since most of the players had to play this weekend, they will only arrive in the country starting tomorrow, when they will also have their first training session at Ezeiza. Messi, on the other hand, will arrive at dawn on Tuesday on a private flight and will join the second practice session.

So far no special operation is planned in Ezeiza for the arrival of the 35 world champions summoned by Scaloni. The only one who should not travel is Franco Armani, the River goalkeeper.

Monumental. For the day of the match against Panama there will be a police operation with more than 1,500 troops, a similar amount to that used in the Superclassics. There will be three cache posts to check that the fans have tickets and that they are original. The objective is that only those with original tickets arrive at the stadium.

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