Another Enzo: They confirm the principle of agreement between River and a reinforcement requested by Demichelis

The strongest names for which they negotiate began to be revealed River in this transfer market, with the possible return of Rafael Santos Borre a loanSalomón Rondón and the Uruguayan Nicolás López for the offense, and in the defensive zone those targeted by the brand new DT are Lucas Merolla, Eder Alvarez Balante and Enzo Diaz.

The left side of workshops It is an old desire of River, already in the times of Marcelo Gallardo His file was sought but with the Córdoba team negotiations were difficult and that is why the pass was not given at the time. Now, it would be close to closing since it would guarantee that there is already an agreement in principle between the two clubs in the negotiations in economic terms.


This information was provided by the journalist Germán García Grova, who also affirmed that the only thing that remains is that River and Workshops agree on the form of payment for the pass of the former Farmer.