Argentina seeks to continue making history in longcasting

I usually say that nobody shoots further than the Argentines, And without a doubt, it has been like this for several seasons where the legion of casters that participate in the longcasting world championships are the reference to beat, displacing countries that used to devastate, such as Italy, today trying to return to the level that characterized it. For Argentines and representatives of seven other countries, the illusion is renewed from this Monday, with the start of a new World Championship.

The appointment is in Tunisia, specifically in Hammamet, where the 25th edition of this World Cup meeting that started in 1998 in the US, and that has been carried out uninterruptedly, except for the Pandemic, which did not allow competition in 2020. This Sunday the opening ceremony takes place, while tomorrow the competition will start with 175 grams, shooting a lead per day, ending on Friday with the closing ceremony.

The expectation is great in the Argentine shooters, since once again, a very competitive team has been assembled, despite the fact that the economic complications generated that three of the eight classified, at the last moment, necessarily drop out. To the experience of Salvador Bustos, four-time world champion, and No. 3 in the world in Paraguay 2022, an ascendant Juan Hamber is added, who dominates the country with Bustos and with the peace of mind of knowing what it is to be at the top in a World Cup. Let’s remember that the man from Mar del Plata won one of the leads in Italy 2021, and was essential for the country’s third title. The third member is Joaquin Quiroga de Nicanor Otamendi, revelation in the downtown area that was among the top three in the country very recently, and the experienced Miramarense completes a high-level squad Facundo Sosa. On the side of the Argentina B team, with the casualties of Guillermo Ciappina, Nazareno Cajal and Juan Lang, he will only be the representative of Tandil and Napaleofú, Nazareno Serén who is going by surprise, in his second world cup.

The selected ones from Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, Chile and Tunisia have confirmed their presence. This year, classic cheerleaders such as Uruguay, Paraguay and South Africa will not play.

If we talk about records, Bustos from Tandil has the record in 175 grams, with 267.45 meters, a mark that he broke in 2021 at the World Cup in Italy. The Italian Filippo Montepagano holds the records in 150 and 125 grams, with 281.19 and 280.69 m, both figures unbeatable since South Africa 2019. Finally, the four-time champion Bustos has the highest mark in 100 grams, with 269.68 meters, also in South Africa. Italy is the highest champion among the participating countries, with 8 titles, followed by England with six, France and Argentina with four. Individually, the greatest ever, Danny Moeskops, the Belgian, has crowns once, escorted by the Argentine Bustos with 4 and the Italian Alessio Massa, who has three. Marcelo Wagner is the other Argentine champion, after that championship won in 2016 and which will have Bustos as runner-up.

Undoubtedly, a high-flying week is coming up in the fields of Hammamet, with the best shooting very far. With a Argentine candidates, but scam Italy that will step very hard, with the experience of the world champion Filippo Montepagano, with the always current Biagio Morra, Massimo Gargiulo and Michele Della Volpe, completing a fearsome group, without forgetting the B team that has great exponents.

Schedule of activities

Monday May 22
09:00 am – Test of 175 grams, gentlemen
5:30 p.m. – End of competition

Tuesday May 23
09:00 am – Test of 150 grams, gentlemen; 75 grams, ladies
5:30 p.m. – End of competition

Wednesday May 24
09:00 am – Test of 125 grams, gentlemen; 100 grams ladies
5:30 p.m. – End of competition

Thursday May 25
09:00 am – Test of 100 grams, gentlemen; and 125 grams, ladies
5:30 p.m. – End of competition

friday may 26
7:30 p.m. – Awards ceremony at the Hotel SOL AZUR Hammamet.

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