Big surprise: a fan found out that he was going to be a father on the pitch

The last Sunday in the field of Gymnastics and Jump ShotA very particular situation was seen: Lautarofan of the club that plays in the Federal A Tournament, he found out that it would be dad in the stands.

Everything happened in the run-up to the match between the Millionaire and Boca Unidos de Corrientes. Lautaro’s couple and his faithful court companion, I asked him to take a picture of them. At that moment they hugged, but the man never imagined the surprise he would get after that photo. As he posed The woman took a pregnancy test out of her pocket that left the young woman totally surprised and excited.

This moment was filmed by an accomplice, and The video didn’t take long to go viral. through social networks, where the happy couple received hundreds of comments. To crown the moment of joy, Gymnastics and Shooting won 1-0, with a goal from Narese, at the last minute. Total happiness.

A fan found out that he would be a father on the pitch