Boca was the same, but this time he won and gave Ibarra some peace

The matches of the Copa Argentina for the big teams, especially in these first instances, are always somewhat ungrateful: if they win, that’s what they should do. Instead, an unexpected defeat can generate an internal earthquake, merciless criticism and coaches and players under an inescapable tremor. Last night, Boca was in that situation against Olimpo in Chaco. They had to win so that the tremor faced by their coach Hugo Ibarra did not become a major earthquake.

Before a crowd that increased the importance of this Cup –so that the public from the different provinces can see their teams and their idols in situ–, Boca had a genius from Sandez to take the victory and advance to the round of 16.

Is there something to highlight or rescue this game? For Boca, little or nothing. Only that he won, something that this year has been costing him more than usual. And that some players had a much higher performance than the one they had been having in the last days of the Professional League.

Darío Benedetto was one of them (as well as Sandez and Varela also showed some flashes). Boca’s nine intervened in the first goal and then made the second, already in the complement. In reality, the person who made it was the referee Lucas Comesaña, suspected in the soccer environment of being a beneficiary of certain clubs in the promotion and recorded in Bahía Blanca for his disastrous performance against Defensores de Belgrano, on February 17, 2019 on the date of February 16. the National B.

Comesaña took a penalty for allegedly pushing Benedetto and the Boca striker converted it with his trademark: a powerful shot, with the outside face of his right boot, strong and up. It was inevitable not to remember those missed penalties against Corinthians last year, but the memory was far from repeated. The Chaco stadium, at that point, was a collective celebration that came down from all four sides, barely interrupted by Hadad’s discount at 43 minutes into the second half. That goal put some suspense at the end, and perhaps it was the best way to show that this Boca can never fully relax.

Riquelme and Palermo, together

At the Estadio de la Cerámica, Villareal celebrated the 100th anniversary of the club with a match between the glories of the institution and other representatives of the Spanish team, with the presence of Juan Román Riquelme and Martín Palermo.

The two former players from the Spanish club and from Boca were starters and met again after almost eight years, when they were part of Sebastián Battaglia’s farewell in 2015.

In this way, many fans were happy again to see Riquelme, who played around 60 minutes and at 44 years since his talent is still intact.

On the other hand, Palermo, who is also very well recorded by the fans of the Spanish team. Despite having some chances, he couldn’t score a goal that would make the party complete.

Other figures that made up the Legends squad were the Argentine Juan Pablo Sorín and the Uruguayan Diego Forlán.

In addition, at halftime, Riquelme was distinguished and had the opportunity to speak: “For me it is always a happiness to come to Villareal, I have spent many very beautiful years, I have enjoyed a lot, I still have my home here and I will always have them in my heart”.

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