Bullrich said his running mate will be “a radical from within”

While days of tense calm go by in the PRO on the intern between Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and patricia bullrichthe president of the party assured that she will integrate a crossed formula with a radical and said that she is against the free carrying of arms.

In a short-minute video where they answered questions from two options, the former Minister of Security thought “true” that her vice-presidential partner will be a “radical from the interior.”

Although he left the mystery of the name planted, some members of the centenary party such as Alfredo Cornejo are ruled out from the list. The Senator arose again for the governorship of Mendoza. In the case of Gerardo Morales the unknown remains open, beyond the fact that he launched his personal candidacy for the primaries. There were also rumors about a return of Ernesto Sanz, who participated in the cambiemita team in 2015 and then lowered his profile forcefully.

Bullrich’s support also calls into question the layout of crossed formulas in the coalition. In the last two presidential elections that Juntos por el Cambio contested, Mauricio Macri he turned to a PRO candidate (Gabriela Michetti) and a Peronist who came from an armed group from the “broad middle avenue” with a past in Kirchnerism, Miguel Pichetto.

From radicalism, where one of the most resonant claims to Macri was that he closed the government table and removed the party during his administration, the conformation of crossed formulas modifies, at least for the moment, this shift within the coalition. The symptom of this are the pre-candidacies of the referents ucerreistas Gerardo Morales, Facundo Manes, Maximiliano Abad (Buenos Aires province) and Martín Lousteau (Buenos Aires Head of Government) showing the most toned centennial party.

“Racing to B or Patricia Bullrich president?”: what Rodríguez Larreta responded

Macri’s favoritism and Alberto Fernández’s criticism

Everything happens days after Mauricio Macri’s resignation from his candidacy, a decision that reconfigured the political map within Together for Change. The former president was also part of the questionnaire. “Is it Macri’s favorite in the PRO intern?”, they asked him in Tennessee a Bullrich. “No comment”, was the answer with which he dodged the query.

In the midst of the controversy triggered by Alberto Fernández, who met with his counterpart Joseph Biden in Washington and insinuated that in Argentina there are politicians in favor of the free carrying of arms (among them Bullrich and Javier Milei), the Cambiemite reference was described as false the sustained

Regarding Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, he acknowledged that they do not have a personal fight and developed that in some positions he is closer to deputy Javier Milei than to the mayor of Buenos Aires.


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