Carlos Melcoinan observe about an imminent “scenario of high danger and high volatility”

He economist and former head of Banco Nación Carlos Melconianmake sure that a transition is being “lived” in both political and economic matters, and he detected an imminent “scenario of high danger and high volatility”, for which he urged the formation of a group of “patriotic people, without ideology and of all sides” to deal with current problems.

in dialogue with Radio RivadaviaMelconian held that “Until August there is a transition of economic dominance and the person who is most clear about it in the Government is the Minister of Economy”, while he anticipated that in that month “it is going to enter, without having solved the economic issue, in a period of political dominance.”

Melconian: “Let’s stop screwing around with the operative outcry and fix this mess”

With emphasis on the idea of ​​constituting a diverse group of people who contribute to the solution of the current imbalances, characterized as “As the economic variables, especially the financial ones, do not give up, throughout this period the group of patriots will have to emerge who have a phenomenal task in this year of transition.”

Likewise, he specified that “they have to accommodate the melons in the truck, reassuring society to launch a comprehensive program next year” and remarked that “society must be clear that Argentine problems have a solution.”

Regarding dollarization as a viable response, he indicates that “there is no measure today that determines something”, reaffirming that “these are measures to move forward, to keep swimming”. Then he was blunt and assured that “dollarization is impracticable.”

Faced with this type of proposal from the different spaces and political actors, they expressed that they are “in a year of transition in which they are going to have to take charge of calming expectations.”

Melconian diagnosed a “plane turbulence” scenario and wondered “how to get to August”

In relation to the possibility that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) sends dollars forward, the former director of Banco Nación assured that “this is a problem for Sergio Massa and the IMF.”

In addition, they were surprised that “advancing does not make any sense, it is only showing that instead of having a minister of Economy who looked at him and said ‘who is this?’, now you have one who is received in Washington”, remarking that “It doesn’t change anything”, since “if they give you real money and they let you sell it without a program, it doesn’t last long, it’s not recommended”.

When asked if at this moment the problems are more political than economic sustained: “I do not fall for the simplification that this is only for politics, it is always a set of things.” “It’s full of examples of good politics that don’t work because of the economy, and there are good economic programs that don’t work under the political umbrella,” he concluded.

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