Carlos Zambrano was presented as a star in his new club

Carlos Zambrano’s passage through Boca had an abrupt outcome after the defender terminated his contract at the end of 2022 after Ibarra informed him that he did not take it into account. Nevertheless, The Peruvian already has a new club.

The defender had its stellar presentation in Alianza Limawhere at 33 years old you will have the first experience as a professional in your country after more than 15 years of career abroad.

“He came to roar in matute and debuted in Peruvian soccer after 15 years playing abroad, today he fulfills one of his dreams playing in the club of which he is a fan“He said from the club in the presentation.

Thus Zambrano will play the Copa Libertadores 2023 with Alianza after a career in which he played in Germany, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Switzerland and Argentina, where he arrived in Boca in 2020.