Claudio Avruj: “There was an improper appropriation of Kirchnerism on human rights”

claudio avrujformer secretary of Human Rights under the Macri government, defended the controversial phrase of the former president about the “Human Rights Curriculum”. “She was directed at this misappropriation of the Ks and at this populist idea of ​​intimidating society,” she stated in Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

How was your relationship with human rights organizations during your tenure?

The relationship was very tense with Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. Scam Hebe de Bonafini, the relationship was null, because she had no interest in having a dialogue with us. Personally, I considered that she had gone too far in insults and aggression, with which she could not have any kind of relationship.

Scam Carlotto’s Stele and grandmothers yes we had a lot of relationship. We order and improve the subsidies, we rigorously comply with them. We gave it shape and transparency, we improve every year.

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There was some type of relationship with the rest of the organizations through the “Espacio para la Memoria”, ex-ESMA, which depends on the Human Rights Secretariat, and where the organizations form a directory. There is a link there, although it was tense.

The person we had the most relationship with was Estela de Carlotto. Not without differences and fights, but we always had respect for the historical work of the search for the appropriate grandchildren and children.

We open the program by talking about the idea of ​​the sacred and the profane. Starting from the idea that the “sacred” is what belongs to everyone and the “profane” is what is individual. When the sacred is desecrated, we can say that social harmony is broken. You marked the tense relationship with human rights organizations, is there responsibility of the government of Mauricio Macri in that tension when he said “you have to cut the job of human rights? Was there an error in deepening the crack, and the other side responded in the same way?

I believe that there are two very strong conceptions of life in society and political life that are in conflict, and that is what produces this opposition of ideas that we call “the crack”.

Regarding the sacred and the profane, a few things. The pain for the dictatorship, State terrorism, the policies of forced disappearance of people, the appropriation of children, which means that there are still many people without access to their identity, It was a pain for the whole society.

Never more

Also there was an improper appropriation of kirchnerism on human rights, and we are living it in the present. There was an improper identification of human rights organizations, aligning themselves ideologically with a political party, leaving out anyone who I did not militate for those ideas of that party.

We see this today. The Human Rights Forum, held this week, is an eloquent example of this. What is going to happen in the Plaza de Mayo today, much more. Today’s Plaza will be a Plaza of hype, shouting, insults, which has nothing to do with the commemoration and grief that should bring together all of society to reflect on what happened to us.

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That phrase from Macri about the ‘human rights course‘It had to do, directly, with the illegal negotiations of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, of Shared dreamswhere there was a flagrant breach of its mission, because mothers did not have nothing to do with house building with funds transferred directly from the National Government, without administration and with the fraud that this produced.

the phrase of macri It was aimed at that, and it was also aimed at this misappropriation by the Ks of the flag of human rights, and that populist idea of ​​intimidating society, those who don’t think like them. Under his logic, if you were a militant camporista or K, you were a worthy man, and if not, you were an opponent and they immediately identified you with the military dictatorship.


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