Cristina Kirchner called the Supreme Court a “true unworthy jerk”

the vice president Cristina Kirchner launched harsh criticism of the Supreme Court, which she described as a “mamarracho” during his speech in Plaza de Mayo for the 20th anniversary of the inauguration of Néstor Kirchner. In addition, he asked all political parties to modify the Court.

“That Court, from which Néstor (Kirchner) had requested his impeachment, next to this jerk we have today, a true unworthy jerk… The things that are known were never said about a Court judge,” she emphasized about the last half of her oratory in front of a crowd that supported her in the rain.

“It does not matter if he is a jurist of one orientation or another, but Argentines deserve to have a dignified Supreme Court of Justice, it is also the image of the country,” stressed the vice president and added: “Argentines deserve to once again have a Supreme Court of Justice that can be called as such without turning red.I ask it to all the political parties of Argentina”.

“With all the defects, errors, mistakes, that those who are part of an executive power, of a legislative power, may have in their different political aspects, the population before them has a guarantee: that of the vote; If you don’t like that president, that minister, whatever, you have the vote in your hands, ”he reviewed.

Cristina Kirchner’s grandchildren took the stage at the event in Plaza de Mayo

We have to rethink the Argentine institutional design, we cannot continue with the monarchical hindrance of people who are appointed for life and they are never again accountable to anyone or anything, it is not known what they have, their sworn statements are not known, it is not known where they live,” he said. “That is not democracy,” she argued bluntly.

“It is time that the institutions of the Argentine Republic are not there to take care of the interests of the powerful, but of all Argentines and Argentines,” he closed.

Cristina Kirchner criticized the opposition and qualified the tone when she referred to Alberto Fernández

We had arrived with the largest defaulted debt in history and we were going out of debt and with the lowest hard currency debt in recent decades, 8% only in dollars,” said the vice president, taking stock of Kirchner’s efforts. “Families were not in debt either, companies were not in debt either, because the salary was the best of Latin America, because the pension was the best in Latin America, we had fought against the vulture funds and without access to the capital market we had paid more than one hundred billion dollars”, he added.

What did we receive when we returned in 2019? Argentina again in debt in dollarsIn 2016, 2017 we were the country in the world that took the most debt in dollars and when it could not be paid, what happened happened: again the IMF, but with an additional one, they gave it 57 billion so they could win the elections of dollars, an unpublished, unusual loan. 45 billion dollars were liquidated and even then they will not be able to pay for the elections. They handed us an indebted country with double-digit unemployment,” he emphasized.

“Surely someone says ‘and now how are we?’ Everyone knows the differences I have had and that I have because I said it on December 20 in the city of La Plata (…) but this government is infinitely better than another of Macri, I have no doubts“, he claimed.


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