Cristina Kirchner pressures Alberto Fernández to get off and empty the lists of candidates in his sector

Without any negotiation on the horizonin front of all the challenge is to see who imposes his electoral strategy. A few days ago, Alberto Fernández celebrated that Kirchnerism was beginning to admit internal competition, but now the sector that leads Cristina Kirchner will launch a new challenge: if Alberto insists with the PASS, there will be PASS in all the segments of the ballot. What does this mean? That “albertismo” will have to have its own candidates in the rest of the sections: governor, legislators and mayors.

“Today we are following the strategy proposed by the President, which is that the PASO are used to define the candidacies of the Frente de Todos,” he said this Saturday. Eduardo “Wado” DePedroMinister of the Interior and one of the leaders who is dreaming of competing for the presidency for Kirchnerism. What he did not say is that if the head of state insists on the inmates, he must prepare to have candidates in all categories.

The President asks to “democratize” the discussion of the electoral strategy of the FdT

“If there is a STEP in the Front of All, it should be in all categories”, evaluates a Buenos Aires native K. The strategy focuses on the province of Buenos Aires. Not only because it represents almost 40% of the electoral roll, but also because it is bastion K. “It is rare that he says that he wants to end Kirchnerism and at the same time wants to have Kirchnerist candidates on his ballot”, they say from the Front of All. And, in this sense, from the environment of the vice president they will warn: Axel Kicillof is not going to be hung up on Alberto Fernández or the candidate he wants to put if the primaries end up being a fact. “How are they going to compete with Kirchnerist candidates if they want to go against Kirchnerism?” they insist.

Kicillof will follow the orders of his political boss. Less than three months after the closing of the lists, the governor knows that there are sectors within Kirchnerism itself that are running him out of the Buenos Aires fight and positioning him in the presidential race. CFK will be the one who decides on his political course and, if he finally goes for the governorship, it will also be the vice who defines which ticket he will accompany.

Wado de Pedro admitted that the Frente de Todos considers going to PASO “with two formulas”

Leaving a candidate for the presidency without the candidate territory that the vice president supports in Buenos Aires It is a certain defeat within the internal Peronist. “One would be Cristina’s list and the other would not. A list completely identified with Cristina wins”, they evaluate. They warn that this scheme should also be replicated in the lists of legislators and mayors. The question is who will join a list of 35 deputies in the province that will compete against the names put by Kirchnerism.

If there is no agreement or dialogue, as up to now, the head of state will have to look for candidates for governor in the few territories that couple their votes to the national elections. For which sector will the provincial leaders play if this dispute progresses? Raul Jalil, from Catamarca, would prefer not to have to opt for one or the other candidate and would like his name to accompany all the presidential ballots out there. In Santa Cruz, it is clear that Kirchnerism would not give its wealth of votes to the President or to the candidate he puts up; and in the City of Buenos Aires the unity would not come to fruition. Formosa and Chubut They have yet to define the schedule. From Kirchnerism, they rule out that Gildo Insfran It will accompany the strategy defined by CFK.

This strategy should be discussed at the time of settling in Front of All. Alberto Fernández chairs the Justicialista Party, but this force was broken in one of the many seals that will make up the alliance. When this happens, the authorities that will define the rules of the game will be appointed. If CFK does not have the pen to define the candidate, it will seek to have the pen to write

More painted. The Homeland is the Other calls for “Cristina President”.

FCK 2023. Kirchnerism begins to admit the possibility of having to compete in the PASO while an internal sector insists on the candidacy of the vice president. Days after Máximo Kirchner sent a message to the head of state in which he opened a stage for inmates, the militants returned to the streets to paint “Cristina presidenta.” The Current The Homeland is the Other in charge of Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque continued his campaign despite the fact that the head of the Buenos Aires PJ said that “if someone gets angry, we go to the elections and society defines.”

“They are different tactics, we did not abandon that idea, we are going to continue insisting. It does not mean that everything is so literal, from the militancy CFK 2023 continues to be supported”, an important Kirchnerist leader explained to PERFIL. Assuring that maintaining this position does not mean having differences with those who have already shown that the vice president would not be part of the presidential ticket. “The Militancy Sector is planted in his candidacy, but it is complementary. In the event that Cristina is a candidate, we will go to a STEP, there are no contradictions.

This Saturday, the “Ensenada table” took the order of fuck proscription and the nomination of the vice president for Chaco with Jorge Capitanich as host. The first plenary session was in Avellaneda and the darts thrown by Máximo Kirchner against Alberto Fernández and Axel Kicillof are more remembered from that meeting than the operative outcry made by the rest of the leadership for the vice president.

“Democracy without proscription: northeast with Cristina”, was the slogan of this meeting. “The idea of ​​these plenary sessions is to continue accumulating to accumulate an ever larger ‘we'”, they say from the organization. The vice-president let grow an operational clamor that seems to have more to do with gaining power to sit down to discuss the candidacies.

The very head of state who came to the Presidency through a video that the vice president broadcast on social networks now challenges the “fingerometer” that he seeks to impose on CFK to face a new presidential election. Alberto Fernández talks about “democratizing” the space to be able to sit at the discussion table and will stretch a definition of his candidacy to the maximum. He assures that, regardless of who the candidate is, he wants to lead the Frente de Todos to victory.

From Kirchnerism they insist that he must lower his candidacy. If you don’t, you’ll need to get candidates in all categories to go with you. There are those who believe that there is still time for the Frente de Todos to come up with a candidate for unity and they only imagine that this name can still be Sergio Mass. Even when the economy does not show improvement, they assure that he is the candidate with whom you can reach a “worthy defeat” But the Tigrense does not like to lose.

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