Darío Benedetto made a self-criticism after Boca’s victory against Barracas

mouth Juniors I found calm after the 3-0 win as a visitor over barracks center. After the important victory, Dario Benedetto spoke with the press and highlighted the work of his team during the ninth date of the Professional League.

I said it at the time, that I used each of us, the players, to make a self-criticism individually and that we were not going to get involved in the decisions of the leaders with the coaching staff. We use that to focus on us, in the group, on trying to improve things specifically and collectively,” she said.

Benedetto assured that he played a great game on a fairly complicated field and also remarked that they must think about the challenges that Xeneize will have to attend to in the coming days.

Regarding the choice of the new coach, the striker sustained: “I’m going back to the same thing, we’re still focused on what we have to do. Come and try to do what we did today on the pitch. Then we are not thinking about who can come, who has to stay, etc. The truth is that we are only thinking about what we can improve ourselves“.

And whoever comes, is going to find a team that is very eager, risking a lot of things and well, then he will define who is the one who has to play“, he pointed out.