Draw in the Cordovan classic and victory for Estudiantes to finish third

“There is the middle class of Argentine soccer, the one that manages with what they wear and does quite well in the pursuit of the River pointer and the San Lorenzo escort,” he said. Roman Iucht is Fontevecchia modeby net tv and RadioProfile (FM 101.9).

Estudiante de La Plata got another 1-0 victory against Banfield with a goal from Matías Godoy. Since the arrival of Eduardo Domínguez, which he started in the worst possible way the defeat in the classic against Gimnasia Gimnasia La Plata after 13 years, all that came was to gain momentum and from there to thread 12 games without defeats with 9 wins and 3 draws.

Professional League: River, San Lorenzo and Boca won

In the midst of torrential rain, Pincha took all three points and, thus, in those 12 games, had 18 goals for and only three goals against, remaining in third place behind Millonario and Ciclón.

Central Rosario and an impregnable Giant of Arroyito

Another one that has also made its town a true strength is Rosario Central. Miguel Ángel Russo’s team beat Defensa y Justicia 2-1, after starting to lose with a goal from Rodrigo Bogarín.

After the draw of carlos quintana, Nacho Malcorra’s second, gave the Canalla the victory. The importance of Central goes hand in hand with the locality, 23 of the 27 points he has played at home have been won by playing in the Gigante de Arroyito about the 30 he has.

They revealed which team the children of Mauro Zárate are fans of and the controversy broke out

In this way, he was expectant, hoping that at some point he would realize last week again. that is to say that River can have some other type of stumbling block

The Cordovan classic to pure emotion

In the Barrio Alberti, in a spectacular classic, with remarkable weather, Belgrano and Talleres de Córdoba played and ended up drawing 1-1.

Belgrano took the lead with a goal from pablo vegetati, one of the championship scorers. Then Talleres finished it equalizing with the goal of Nahuel Bustoswhile the great figure on the court was Nahuel Loasada, Belgrano’s goalkeeper, who before the pirate team could get ahead, saved a penalty from miguel santos.

point by point

In this way, the positions (removing Riverleader with 40 and San Lorenzo, escort with 35) were left with Talleres and Estudiantes with 31. Rosario Central follows with 30 and Defense and Justice has 29.


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