Electoral tremor: Ameal and Pergolini rebuild their relationship, and Riquelme recalculates his strategy

Mario Pergolini’s message on his Instagram account, which circulated in various media as a criticism of the team, but above all of Juan Román Riquelme’s management, is only the surface –what is seen– of a movement that no one will publish on social networks and could have unforeseeable consequences on the Boca electoral board for this year. The businessman and television host, who resigned 15 months after beginning his term, recommends his relationship with President Jorge Amor Ameal, which generates questions and uncertainty in the sector led by Juan Román Riquelme.

Everything takes place within a club that, under a double command that has Ameal on Brandsen street and Vice Riquelme on the Ezeiza property, is approaching an election that, as always, will be nationalized: to the established rumor about the possible The inclusion of Mauricio Macri in the opposition list that will be headed by the former Minister of Modernization Andrés Ibarra, now adds another internal tension –one more– in an officialism that almost all its members define with one word: “Broken”.

In the midst of this political fragility, Riquelme seeks to consolidate a candidacy that, week after week, oscillates between first and second place on the ballot. The moon or the sun: repeat the strategy of getting behind (but having the votes), or take a step forward and seek to preside over Boca.

Until recently, the formula that was repeated in that space had two guaranteed names: Riquelme and the current xeneize general secretary, Ricardo Rosica, who remains in office despite the fact that Ameal is no longer spoken to. The order could be reversed, but the names cannot. In recent days, the rapprochement between Ameal and Pergolini ended with an earthquake. The mere possibility that Ameal wants to seek his re-election rethinks the entire strategy that Ezeiza Román and his brother Cristian “Chanchi” design.

lobbies. If presiding over Boca is more visible than governing a province, as a leader who knows these two issues once compared, this 2023 will validate it again. There are six months left to open the polls, but the campaign – and the permanent thread that revives it – began a while ago. On one side and on the other of a crack that is replicated to scale in the club.

Just as the first step of the xeneize macrismo was to name Ibarra as a candidate, since the ruling party responded in the last days of 2022 with the presentation of the Riquelme group, Soy Bostero. In the middle of the year, the board of directors led by Ameal must approve Soy Bostero, but also renew the legal status of groups that have expired, as is the case with Por un Boca Mejor, chaired by Fabián Parra and referenced in the xeneize circle by his attorney , “Coti” Nosiglia.

The electoral fight will also take place in other surroundings. Movements such as that of the prosecutor Celsa Ramírez will be added to the liturgy of parades, graffiti and photos, who in the first game of the year launched an investigation that led to the closure of the southern high tribune of La Bombonera.

Many saw in this cause the shadow of former president Daniel Angelici, a prominent judicial operator who sealed an agreement to consolidate Ibarra and “recover” the club that led macrismo for 25 years.

Riquelme, born and raised in soccer, knows that he needs a political structure to counteract those attacks that come from other fields. He has the neighborhood friendship of Sergio Massa, and some people who can help him to give thickness to his possible candidacy: Víctor Santa María in the PJ, Enrique “Coti” Nosiglia in radicalism and Santiago Carreras in La Cámpora are just some of the people starting to arrive. The road to December is long. And although no one knows very well who will walk it, there are coincidences in something: it will be thorny.

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