Emotional tribute to Benjamín Gamond in Tala

The relatives of Benjamín Gamond decided to say their last goodbye at the Tala Rugby Club headquarters. They were received with open arms by the entire community of the Warcalde neighborhood entity.

Around 6:00 p.m., a tribute began that deeply affected the feelings and emotions of those present. They were firing a teammate or a friend, but on Monday afternoon it was the son of the mothers present and the brother of the players.

The black and white community came together in a warm hug to say their last goodbye to “Benja”, who, they promise, “will always be in our memory”.

The institution installed a small altar inside the property where the funeral urn that kept the young man’s ashes was placed.

The tribute was attended by Gabriela (Benjamín’s mother), María (one of his sisters), Marcos (the older brother), who were accompanied by more than a thousand people, among whom we can highlight Soledad Laciar, mother of Blas Correas.

The person who formally started the ceremony was Leonardo Graci, president of Tala.

The most emotional moment of the afternoon, when the sun was already going down, were the words of Gabriela, Gamond’s mother. With all the pain that invades a mother, she tried to read a letter that she wrote to her murdered son, but she couldn’t. The one who took the post was Maria, the sister. In one of the main paragraphs, she points out that “Benjamín taught him to say I love you, and that from now on he was going to say it more often to his other children and Benja’s brothers.”

“As the mother of boys Benja’s age, what happened affected us greatly,” says one of the mothers and directors of the club who was the protagonist. “There was a very beautiful energy, of much love,” remarks the mother who takes her children to Tala.

Another of the leaders, who prefers not to be identified, clarifies that “it was Benjamin’s family who asked us to use the club’s facilities for this tribute, honestly what happened affected us a lot. Those who knew him, a lot or a little, Benja “Today they felt it. The club community is very united in these adversities. The Tala rugby Club family appears,” he says.

At the end of the ceremony, white balloons were released evoking Gamond with loud applause from those present.

The club does not stop strong emotions. A week ago the ashes of the Rizzio monkey were scattered and today, he is once again the protagonist when paying homage to Benjamin Gamond.

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