Exclusive: how Macri’s “descent” and the new scenario for Together for Change came about

On Saturday the 25th at night at the wedding of Mary Eugenia Vidal, Mauricio Macri he spent part of the night telling how he was very into playing bridge. Also with his other passion: soccer. He was one of the first to ask the deputy to dance when the party began. He was seen in a very good mood. even joking with Horacio Rodriguez Larreta about the candidacies in the City, mocking the aspiration of Fernán Quirós. He looked relaxed. Comfortable. And he spent part of the night chatting with the head of government and with Hernán Lacunza, his former Minister of Economy and who works with Larreta and Vidal.

But he had already warned at the beginning of March: “When I return from Europe I will announce my decision.” Before traveling to France and Italy, Macri had told a handful of collaborators that he was already determined to make known what he would do this year. And it would be at the end of March, just as PROFILE had anticipated on March 11 on his cover. Finally today, with a video, announced that he would not be a candidate for president.

Macri got off: he will not be a candidate for president in this year’s elections

The majority of winks that had been given were observed in the same direction: mentor pre-candidates and support others in the provinces. Even being a garment for the unity of Together for Change, as it did, for example, in Tucumán, where the radical Roberto Sánchez (candidate for governor) and the mayor of the Tucuman capital got personally involved so that they reach an agreement. Germán Alfaro (of the non-Kirchner PJ and today a candidate for lieutenant governor).

In his private meetings, he made it clear that, although he had not made a final decision, he wanted to help grow another generation of leaders and push JxC back to power. To such an extent that, for example, He had asked his former Minister of Justice, and one of his shadow lawyers, Germán Garavano, to collaborate with Larreta and Patricia Bullrich.

Mauricio Macri with Mirtha Legrand

During these months, flirting with a candidacy allowed him, first of all, to generate expectations and consolidate himself at the center of national politics. That, added to his multiple ties in international matters, placed him in the center every time he chose to appear publicly or publicize positions on issues. A Tweet was enough to generate repercussions and opinions.

Last year, before leaving his office on Avenida Libertador – which he changed for another since the owner who lent it to him, a businessman from Santiago, had problems with the law – he maintained that he was going to decide not only because of the political situation but also his family. His wife, Juliana Awada, but above all his daughter Antonia, opposed his return to the Casa Rosada from day one.. For the former head of state, they were always a priority, especially if he had to return to government power.

Another piece of information that encouraged the idea that he could give up a nomination for his Second Time: the vast majority of his closest advisers had been joining the teams of Larreta, Bullrich and María Eugenia Vidal in their careers for the Casa Rosada.

Rodríguez Larreta’s reaction to the announcement: “Vision, courage and love for Argentines”

For example, Pablo Avelluto (former Minister of Culture), Jorge Faurie (Foreign Relations), Hernán Lacunza (Economy), Guillermo Dietrich (Transport) and Toto Caputo (Central Bank) have been collaborating with Larreta.

For their part, Hernán Lombardi (Media System), Dante Sica (Production) and Federico Pinedo, former provisional president of the Senate, joined the hosts of the head of PRO.

In addition, Lacunza himself collaborates with Vidal and the former private secretary of the former president, Darío Nieto, is working with the deputy.

Patricia Bullrich and Mauricio Macri

Macri and his “resignation”: multiple recognition messages in JxC

In the video he left definition. When he spoke of abandoning “messianic” leadership in the PRO, they read it as the first criticism of Javier Milei, without mentioning him.. He spoke of “teams” and other types of leadership. The ears of the head of government were sweetened. Those words were similar to those that Larreta has been outlining and that he even left reflected in the first spot where he announced his intentions to compete for the Casa Rosada recorded in Santa Cruz.

At the same time, Bullrich quickly came out to state that the drop strengthened his candidacy. An objective fact: if the former president played, by sharing part of the electorate, he objectively weakened it.

“He gave the speech to Horacio and the political descent to Patricia”, analyzes before PROFILE one of the most gravitating PRO legislators in space.

For now, nothing indicates that he tips the scales for either of them, and he continues to encourage Vidal to grow.

Patricia Bullrich also praised Mauricio Macri: “This confirms his greatness and generosity”

For their part, the radicals took the opportunity to congratulate him on social networks. Especially those closest to him and also those he has been listening to with the greatest attention. From the deputy Rodrigo De Loredo and the head of the UCR block, Mario Negri, through the senator, Carolina Losada.

However, Macri does not intend to abandon his political vocation: he will continue to be seen in the campaign supporting candidates for governor – as in the case of Mario Markic in Santa Cruz, Rogelio Frigerio in Entre Ríos or Ignacio “Nacho” Torres in Chubut – and not stop raising your voice against Kirchnerism.

On Friday morning, when he met Larreta alone at the Tenis Club Argentino, he did not discuss candidacies but they reviewed the provinces and the players who had the PRO. The former head of state believes that it will be key for the next president to have a league of governors to help him, unlike when he had to govern with just four.

Of course: in that meeting he was lapidary with Sergio Massa and the progress of the economy and predicted that, with these levels of inflation, the days of the Frente de Todos are numbered to leave power.


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