Fishing Permits in Buenos Aires: how to process them online

Buenos Aires offers us countless places to go fishing, from the Río de la Plata, to the lagoons, passing through rivers, canals and streams to a maritime coastline full of piers, breakwaters and beaches for sport fishing. all this is possible do it, as long as we have the Buenos Aires Fishing permit, procedure that you can do onlineAnd till pay it from your home.

The fisherman must have a fishing permit to carry out your sporting activity. You must take it with you and present it together with the DNI. The license is granted by the provinces or national park authorities.
Let us remember that for the Provincial Fisheries Law No. 11477, art. 21, for the practice of sport fishing and the transport of captured species, It is possession has the corresponding license. In addition, in its article 38, it establishes “a fine for an amount equivalent to four minimum salaries of an employee of the Provincial Public Administration and up to 400 salaries at the most.”
There are several types of licences, which implies differences in terms of its validity and cost. One of them enables the federated, that is to say to those who belong to a club; another to the not federated (those who do not belong to a club); another allows the marine minor coastal fishing and there are also licenses called tourist and competition
Let us remember that, although there was no official announcement from the Ministry of Agrarian Development of the Province of Buenos Aires, this season a 300% increase in licenses was made. The increase in percentage of fishing licenses to practice sports in Buenos Aires territory is striking, but the increase is justified after more than a decade with derisory costs, compared to other provinces.
For several years, those who wielded a rod within the province of Buenos Aires paid $160 as non-federated and $80 if they belonged to a club. Now, With the new rates, in this 2023 they pay $296 and $148 respectively. Meanwhile, the license Marine Minor Coastal Fishing is $370, while both the The tourist and the contest have a cost of $120 and $111, respectively, expanding sin of burdenas coming being, for under 14 years of age, retirees, pensioners and Malvinas veterans.


How to get the fishing permit in Buenos Aires?

The procedure to obtain the license in the Province starts in the Ministry of Agrarian Development. There, first, it will ask us to enter our ID, if we ever obtained the license, the data will be loaded, if it is our first time, we must do the full load.
The next step is select the type of license, between paid or free, Available for children under 14 years of age, retirees, pensioners, the disabled and Malvinas veterans. In the case of the latter, you only have to print the card and we are already in order. In the case of tariffs, after entering the data and choosing the type of license, you must Print the ticket that the system will generate. The corresponding payment can be made at a Banco Provincia branch or through the BAPRO Payments network. Also, with simple steps, You can pay it from your home from the website of Province Network.

Around 72 hours after the payment is completed, the fisherman must re-enter the page of the Ministry of Agrarian Development, in the Licenses section, complete with the type and number of the document and print the card


  • Not federated: not associated with any club. It is valid for one year from its issue.
  • Federated: associated with a club. Duration calendar year and free of charge.
  • Contest: valid to participate in contests. If you have an annual license, you do not need to purchase it.
  • Tourist: valid for 20 days.
  • Costa Menor Marítima: for maritime environments. Valid for one year.
  • Children under 14 years of age: free of charge (Article 21 of Decree 323/95).
  • Retirees may obtain their license upon presentation of the card proving their condition, said license will not have any charge or term in regards to its expiration (article 21 of Decree 323/95). Any person without a retirement benefit – over 65 years of age for men and 60 years for women – and who proves residence in the province of Buenos Aires, will be entitled to a license with the same characteristics as those of a retiree (Resolution 46/05).
  • Disabled: with the sole presentation of the certificate of disability issued by a public hospital that accredits such condition, the Sport Fishing license will be issued free of charge and without expiration (Regulated by Resolution No. 24/07).
  • Veterans of the Malvinas: with the sole presentation of the documentation that accredits such condition, issued by the corresponding official body, the Sport Fishing license without charge and without expiration will be issued (Regulated by Resolution No. 30/07).