Flow launches the new Flow Surround deco with the concept “the sound of the cinema, in your home”

Flow, the streaming and video platform, makes the new Deco Flow Surround available to its customers with the aim of continuing to innovate in the user experience and enhance sound quality.

The new decoder offers users to transfer the sound of the cinema to their home and enhance their experience through different functionalities such as:

surround sound: With its 3 speakers and 1 integrated subwoofer, sound surrounds the user from all directions. In addition, the device is Dolby Atmos certified, thus ensuring sound quality.

Integrated Google Assistant: With its built-in microphones, the user will be able to speak to the Deco without the need for a remote control. You can ask it to play music, play a movie, or open an app.

premium video quality which includes 4K resolution, HDR and Dolby Vision.

Wi-Fi 6 technology: the user will be able to connect with Wi-Fi of the latest technology in a wireless connection to make the most of their Internet connection and navigate at full speed.

Music via Bluetooth 5.0: the user will be able to connect their devices to listen to all their music without stopping.

In addition, the deco has:

►Chromecast integrated

►Android TV Operating System

►Flow app pre-installed

The new Deco Flow Surround is available for everyone to purchase through the personal shop, both in the application and on the web; and receive it free of charge. In turn, you will be able to access a 10% discount for being a total connection customer, 6 installments without interest and also, paying with Personal Pay, 20% will be refunded

With this release, Telecom Argentina’s streaming platform continues to consolidate itself as the meeting point for all entertainment, offering various features for customers to enjoy the best and most innovative multi-screen experience and giving access to all your favorite content, from the place you choose, through the device you choose, and for as long as you want.

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