From Monday traveling by plane will be more expensive

The Ministry of Security made official the increase in the Aviation Security Tax, which will take effect from next Monday and will impact the prices of domestic and international tickets.

The measure was made official through the Resolution 3/2022, published this Friday, January 6 in the Official Gazette. The date of implementation It is from Monday, January 9The day from which passengers must pay the tax whenever they travel on any aircraft, whether commercial or non-commercial, whether on scheduled, non-scheduled or private flights.

Flying tax: how much will plane tickets cost with the new tax

Also, the new tax will not be able to exceed the amount equivalent to 0.25% of the basic salary of the hierarchical grade of Principal Officer of the Police Staff Rank of the Airport Security Police (PSA) which was approved by Law No. 26,102 and its Regulatory Decree No. 836/08 and its amendments.

How much is the new tax?

As of Monday, the cost of the Aviation Security Fee for international and regional flights for each passenger boarded at airports or aerodromes that are within the National Airport System of Argentina will have as a base a fee of US$ 1.40.

In the case of flights within Argentine territory, the amount of the Aviation Safety Fee it is lower and in pesos. Each passenger who boards a domestic trip You will have to pay $260.

Who is exempt from paying the new tax?

According to the Resolution, you must not pay the tax:

However, it clarifies that this concept does not include “transfer passenger“Which is one who, having arrived at the airport, continues his journey on a different flight.

What is the Aviation Security Fee?

The aviation security fee was created through Law 27,701 and corresponds to the public civil aviation security service against acts of “unlawful interference”provided by the Airport Security Police in the airports and aerodromes that make up the National Airport System.

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That Law determines that the rate may not exceed the equivalent of 0.25% of the basic salary of the hierarchical rank of Principal Officer of the General Ranking of police personnel. Furthermore, by decree, the aeronautical rates of the rate charts corresponding to international flights including bordering countries, are in US dollars.

In the case of paying in pesos, the calculation of the amount to be deposited by the passengers or by the Collection Agents as appropriate, will be calculated according to the dollar price at the selling exchange rate according to what was published by Banco Nación at the close of the day of shipment


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