Guillermo Francella struck down Independiente and Santi Maratea for the collection: “I would not donate”

Santiago Maratea continues to lead the collection of money for independentwith the aim of paying off the million-dollar debts that the club has and that left it almost on the brink of bankruptcy.

Many soccer figures even made their contributions, former players of Careersthe classic rival of Redas Jose Chatruc, who collaborated in the collection. In this sense, The Pepeactual driver of sports tntchatted with the actor and well-known fan of the academy, william francellaspoke on the subject.

I would not donate to Independiente because they have tortured us all our lives, We lived what we lived at the time and they hurt us a lot, many charges”the actor said bluntly.

Then, Francella added: “We never had weight in the AFA and everyone knows that. We were mocked by them and I don’t like to play nice now with them”.

Finally, he explained: “I do not like this present from Independiente, who are suffering like this due to the bad conduct they had”, and continued: “I suffered a lot with Racing, which also got into that situation due to very bad management. the truth that I am very sorry to see Independiente like this“.

Guillermo Francella’s statements about the Independiente collection